Announcing the new version release of TeeChart Java v2016, Build 3.2016.0419. All TeeChart Java libraries have been updated supporting Swing, SWT and Android. The updates may be downloaded via the customer page.

Versions affected:
- TeeChart for Java version includes libraries for Swing and SWT (with 100% SourceCode).
- TeeChart for Java Suite version includes libraries for Swing, SWT and Android (with 100% SourceCode).
- TeeChart for Android is available as separate product (available with or without 100% SourceCode).

*Note BlackBerry has been discontinued from this release.

TeeChart Java, TeeChart Java Suite and TeeChart Java for Android v2016 may be ordered via the following page:

A fully functional evaluation version is available via the download form at:

The new release for TeeChart for Java products includes bug fixes and improvements which can be viewed at:

April 19, 2016