We are Steema

Steema Software SL company (formerly teeMach) was formed to help meet the growing demand for the then shareware version TeeChart 1.0 VCL for Delphi 1.0 developed by current CEO David Berneda in 1995.

Steema has grown to become a leading company in the industry, servicing products and technology solutions to many thousands of developers worldwide.

Our thanks to our customers for their input to Steema's development during more than 20 years! We've enjoyed working with you. Here at Steema we'll keep the products and solutions coming and hope we can further build on the successful relationships and the feeling of community established with our customers.

About us

TeeChart has become the undisputed Chart leader for Delphi, renowned by the industry and winning the Informant Group's Delphi Best Charting and Mapping Tool for seven consecutive years. It is still the only native VCL charting tool to have been chosen by Embarcadero (formerly Borland) to be bundled in the Delphi, C++ and HTML5 Builder RAD Studio IDEs.

Other successful products have followed, supporting a wide set of development environments. TeeChart may be used in Microsoft's Visual Studio, Office and .NET and in Java and PHP development platforms or as native Javascript-HTML5.

Contact information

Steema's dedication to customer service remains firmly at the forefront, Steema continues to offer customers one of the most comprehensive, cost-value support environments in the industry.

Wikipedia entry on TeeChart

Steema Software SL Registration Number (V.A.T.) ES-B62259544. Registered in Spain. Registro Mercantil Barcelona, Tomo 32592 libro 216573 folio 0030 Sección General.

Our offices

Steema Software SL is registered in Barcelona and based nearby in Girona. Steema authors, markets, distributes the TeeChart range of Charting Libraries. Contact us!


David Berneda

Development (CEO)

David is the main creative developer at Steema and leads the VCL/FMX lines. He is responsible for bringing many new ideas into Steema’s product line.

Marc Meumann

Development (COO)

Marc is involved with code development across product lines and in helping to keep Steema smooth-running.

Chris Ireland

Lead developer, TeeChart for .NET

Chris is responsible for core .NET related TeeChart code and is a key member of the support team.

Pep Jorge

Lead developer

Pep is responsible for the version cycle of several products and is the driving technician for much of the codeset that enables Steema products for multi-platform.

Yeray Alonso

Senior Support technician, lead developer for TeeChart for Java.

Yeray runs ongoing development of the TeeChart for Java products (Swing, SWT and Android) and is a key member of the support team.

Sandra Pazos

Technical support

Sandra handles front-line support for Steema and is often involved in lengthier and more in-depth problem-analysis programs.

Clive Peabody


Clive authors and maintains documentation for all products and published written material.

Ara Villarreal


Ara deals with all sales, orders and any kind of general request for information. Ara is the first contact that many people have with Steema.

Gemma Gibert

Marketing and Distribution

Gemma is responsible for the day to day of marketing activities, reseller and customer relations.