Key dates and build history


TeeChart version 1 16 bit charting library.

Developed in Delphi v1 Visual Component Language and released as a shareware product for distribution via Compuserve and through software component catalogues.

TeeChart v3, now as a 32bit charting library is shipped as a standard palette component with Borland's Delphi v3.

TeeChart Pro is relased as a separate product; based on the standard product it includes an extended featureset.

TeeChart v3, shipped as a standard palette component with Borland's C++ Builder v3.

The first TeeChart Pro ActiveX version is launched.

Titled Version 3. The new COM Charting library is optimised for use with Microsoft's Visual Studio 6 and supports for other ActiveX aware environments including Powerbuilder and Internet Information Server clientside and serverside VBScript/JScript.

TeeChart for NET v1 released to coincide with first version of Microsoft's Visual Studio.NET.

TeeChart for .NET is written in native C#.

TeeChart Lite for NET v1 released.

TeeChart Lite for .NET is is free-of-charge and without notable usage restrictions, it offers a reduced functionality set of the professional version.

TeeChart for Java v1 released.

First native TeeChart for Java version with AWT/Swing support.

TeeChart for Java v2 released.

Adds supports for SWT.

TeeChart for PHP v1 released.

Written in native PHP, support for all native PHP environments.

TeeChart for PHP open-source version.

Released to run alongside registered version.

First TeeChart versions for Smartphones.

June brings Chart versions for Google's Android and Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.

First version of TeeChart.NET Mono for Apple's mobile iOS platform.

First beta release of TeeChart for BlackBerry mobile platform.

TeeChart for JavaScript released.

Written in 100% native JavaScript to support HTML5 Canvas and compatible with most browsers.

TeeChart for .NET Chart for Windows Store.

TeeChart for .NET Chart for Windows Store applications and support for Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 mobile platform.

TeeChart for Xamarin.Forms version.

Release of TeeChart for Xamarin.Forms written with 100% C# code and cross-platform support for .NET desktops, Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

Webforms charts now offering HTML5 interactivity.

TeeChart for RAD Studio now offering native binaries for Windows, iOS, OSX and Android.

First beta release of TeeGrid component for Delphi VCL and FMX.

First version of TeeGrid component is launched.

First release of TeeBI component suite for RAD Studio developers.

First release of TeeGrid control for Visual Studio .Net developers.

Visamic Data Visualisation Framework preview.

Steema.Numerics published.

Steema Numerics is a new suite of .NET 5.0 assemblies designed to facilitate the integration of Machine Learning in the analaysis of your data.

Visamic MQTT IoT Dashboard Service in beta mode.

TeeChart .NET for Avalonia released.

TeeChart .NET for Blazor, shipped as a stand-alone component.

TeeChart NET for MAUI released.