One Million data points updated 130 frames-per-second

Follow this link to find out the TeeChart FastLine Speed Demos

Compiled with Embarcadero RAD Studio XE5 using TeeChart Pro library.
These are Delphi VCL applications with very simple code to perform realtime charting, updating and painting One Million data points at the fastest possible speed.
On a modern system (Intel 4770, GPU 760), the 64bit demo runs at 130 frames-per-second on FullHD (1920x1080) resolution.

When OpenGL VSync is enabled (see your graphics card 3D settings), the maximum frames-per-second is limited to your monitor refresh rate (typically 60Hz).
Several "canvas" classes can be used to display data, being OpenGL the fastest as it uses the graphics card (GPU) power to rasterize pixels.
The 64bit demo should run faster than 32bit on most systems, due to Delphi 64bit compiler optimizing floating point calculations using SSE2 CPU instructions instead of FPU.
All data used in this demo is of type "double" (8 bytes floating point size). Demos are compiled in "Release" mode, with Optimization and Inline enabled, and disabled Debug and Range-checkins.
A separate Thread is used just to implement an infinite loop instead of using a plain TTimer object.
No parallelism (multi-cpu) is used to split work.
See attached commented source code for more information.

The latest TeeChart Pro version (January 2014) is required to compile this project.

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January 22, 2014