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Release Notes 11th Oct 2019
TeeChart VCL/FMX version 2019
Build 2019.28.191011

Follow this link to New Features
This version adds full support for RAD Studio,
Delphi and C++ Builder 10.3 Rio Update 2
including MacOS 64 platform.

New Violin and BeeSwarm Series. See the details in
TeeChart for RAD Studio – Kernel Density Estimator post.

12 Bugfixes. Follow this link to Bugfixes/changes

Release Notes 30th May 2019
TeeChart VCL/FMX version 2019
Build 2019.27.190530

Follow this link to New Features
8 Bugfixes. Follow this link to Bugfixes/changes

Release Notes 3rd December 2018
TeeChart VCL/FMX version 2018
Build 2018.26.181203

Follow this link to New Features
Full support for RAD Studio, Delphi and C++ Builder 10.3 Rio
for the following platforms is not yet provided due to some
inconsistencies with Rio's own support. This has been
brought to Embarcadero's attention. We will provide an update
as soon as the issues are resolved.

- Delphi FMX for iOS Simulator.
- C++Builder FMX for MacOSX and Android.
- Delphi FMX for iOS Device 32bit and iOS Device 64bit
- C++Builder FMX for iOS Device 32bit and iOS Device 64bit

12 Bugfixes. Follow this link to Bugfixes/changes

Release Notes 8th August 2018
TeeChart VCL/FMX version 2018
Build 2018.25.180808

Follow this link to New Features
8 bugfixes. Follow this link to Bugfixes/changes

Release Notes 21st March 2018
TeeChart VCL/FMX version 2018
Build 2018.24.180321

Follow this link to New Features
This version adds full support for RAD Studio,
Delphi and C++ Builder 10.2 Tokyo Update 3.

11 bugfixes. Follow this link to Bugfixes/changes

Release Notes 21st December 2017
TeeChart VCL/FMX version 2017
Build 2017.23.171221

Follow this link to New Features
1)New Activity Gauge Series style has been added.
2)New Equalizer Series Type added. Uses Bar and High Marker Points.

This version adds full support for RAD Studio,
Delphi and C++ Builder 10.2 Tokyo Update 2.

Known issues:
Activity Gauge not yet supported in Gallery at designtime.

16 bugfixes. Follow this link to Bugfixes/changes

Release Notes 19th June 2017
TeeChart VCL/FMX version 2017
Build 2017.22.170619

Follow this link to New Features
This version adds full support for RAD Studio,
Delphi 10.1 Berlin Starter and 10.2 Tokyo Starter.

5 bugfixes. Follow this link to Bugfixes/changes
[ID1654] The bug has been reviewed

Release Notes 29th March 2017
TeeChart VCL/FMX version 2017
Build 2017.21.170329

Follow this link to New Features
This version adds full support for RAD Studio,
Delphi and C++ Builder 10.2 Tokyo.

3 bugfixes. Follow this link to Bugfixes/changes

Release Notes 6th March 2017
TeeChart VCL/FMX version 2017
Build 2017.20.170306

Follow this link to New Features
23 bugfixes. Follow this link to Bugfixes/changes

Release Notes 25th October 2016
TeeChart VCL/FMX version 2016
Build 2016.19.161025

Follow this link to New Features
A new Hindi translation has been added in this build.

20 bugfixes. Follow this link to Bugfixes/changes

Release Notes 4th May 2016
TeeChart VCL/FMX version 2016
Build 2016.18.160504

This release resolves one issue introduced in the
last build only, affecting the new feature, Pie
Mark Tails. The Tail should be default Visible
False but was rendering on first Pie paint.
Fixed for this release.

Release Notes 26th April 2016
TeeChart VCL/FMX version 2016
Build 2016.17.160426

Follow this link to New Features
This version adds full support for RAD Studio,
Delphi and C++ Builder 10.1 Berlin.

Binary support for Delphi 7, Delphi, C++ Builder
and RAD Studio 2007, 2009 and 2010 being discontinued
in this version. Those environments will continue
being supported via the source code version.

16 bugfixes. Follow this link to Bugfixes/changes

Release Notes 1st September 2015
TeeChart VCL/FMX version 2015
Build 2015.16.150901

Follow this link to New Features
This version adds full support for RAD Studio,
Delphi and C++ Builder 10 Seattle.

34 bugfixes. Follow this link to Bugfixes/changes

Release Notes 20th April 2015
TeeChart VCL/FMX version 2015
Build 2015.15.150420

Follow this link to New Features
This version adds full support for RAD Studio,
Delphi and C++ Builder XE8.

Brand new installer for all IDEs. It downloads
and installs required components on demand.

17 bugfixes. Follow this link to: Bugfixes/changes

Release Notes 20th January 2015
TeeChart VCL/FMX version 2015
Build 2015.14.150120

Follow this link to New Features
20 bugfixes. Follow this link to Bugfixes/changes

Release Notes 23th Sep 2014
TeeChart VCL/FMX version 2014
Build 2014.12.140923

Follow this link to New Features
This version adds full support for RAD Studio,
Delphi and C++ Builder XE7.

11 bugfixes. Follow this link to Bugfixes/changes

Release Notes 12th May 2014
TeeChart VCL/FMX version 2014
Build 2014.11.140512

Follow this link to New Features
This version adds full support for RAD Studio,
Delphi and C++ Builder XE6.

46 bugfixes. Follow this link to Bugfixes/changes

Release Notes 20th February 2014
TeeChart VCL/FMX version 2014
Build 2014.10.140220

Follow this link to New Features

105 bugfixes. Follow this link to Bugfixes/changes

Release Notes 19th November 2013
TeeChart VCL version 2013
Build 2013.09.131119

Follow this link to New Features
This version adds full support for RAD Studio,
Delphi and C++ Builder XE5 with Update 1.
Including new Android personality.

1) [TV52016601]
TErrorBarSeries not painting bars when
error values are zero. Fixed.
2) [TV52016532]
Clipping for the TSeriesRegionTool.
3) [TV52016641]
TSeriesRegionTool incorrectly drawn when you
scroll up the chart.
4) [TV52016644]
In GDIPlus, the TSeriesRegionTool draws a
line over the associated TLineSeries.
5) [TV52016639]
Series marks text assigned wrongly
in XE4. Fixed.
6) [TV52016696]
TScrollPagerTool clones the source series
multiple times if assigned at the OnResize
event. Fixed.
7) [TV52016703]
Label overlapping in the Axis Increment editor
when Windows Aero is active. Fixed.
8) [TV52016712]
TMapSeries shape editor crashed. Fixed.
9) [TV52016047]
TCursorTool still drawing out of the ChartRect
and moving to the center of the chart
automatically. Fixed.
10) [ID9]
AV in a SubChart within a Frame.
11) [ID70]
TAnnotationTool disappears when
PositionUnits is set to muPercent.
12) [ID71]
BackImage & pbmStretch causes wrong rendering.
13) [ID74]
TColorLine.DrawBehind not working in 2D.
14) [ID77]
Marks inheriting the Series transparency.
Fixed with new Marks.UseSeriesTransparency
property, which is true by default.
15) [ID69]
Wrong printing output in GDI+.
16) [ID101]
Legend text with CRLF overlaps other items.
17) [TV52016375]
C++ Builder 2007 failed to compile using
GDI+ canvas.

Release Notes 21st May 2013
TeeChart VCL version 2013
Build 2013.08.130521
Please send feedback to:

1) [TV52015903]
Shadow in TPieSeries didn't plot correctly.
2) [TV52016400 and TV52016403]
Removing an AntiAlias tool with the chart
editor produced an Access Violation error.
3) [NO BUG ID]
Fixed resource leak when creating / saving
more than 2500 JPEGs.
4) [TV52016180]
Pie series not rendering correctly in
GDI+ when Rotation<>0. Fixed.
5) [TV52016371]
"Close" button in chart editor not visible
after visiting "Export" tab. Fixed.
6) [TV52016475]
ApplyBright function makes the AnnotationTool
to be drawn incorrectly in FMX. Fixed.
7) Support for C++ Builder 5, C++ Builder 6,
Delphi 5, Delphi 6, Delphi 2005 and
BDS 2006 has been discontinued from this
8) [TV52016177]
"Grid index out of range" error when adding a
Custom Legend tool at design time. Fixed.
9) [TV52016237 and TV52016487]
Pointer Brush Style and Pointer Brush Color
don't work fine. Fixed.
10) [TV52016525]
Scrolling with the MouseWheel doesn't save
the state of the axes. Fixed.
11) Renamed TeeProcs "ColorPalette" global array
variable, to "TeeColorPalette".
12) [TV52016531]
TAxisBreaksTool was not displaying axis labels
13) [TV52015791]
Clicked function for TAreaSeries with Stairs
doesn't work well. Fixed.
14) Missing binary packages and libraries for
C++ Builder 64-bit. Fixed.
15) [TV52016555]
Clicked function for TBarSeries in 3D doesn't
work fine. Fixed.
16) [TV52016561]
Null points drawn incorrectly in TFastLineSeries
with stairs. Fixed.
17) TEquiVolumeSeries improved, several bug-fixes
and enhancements.
18) Grid lines in TSmithSeries were not displayed
at all with GDI+ canvas. Fixed.
19) Series Marks RoundSize (RoundRectangle),
was wrongly positioned using OpenGL canvas.

New Features:
1) Full RAD Studio XE4 support.
2) New TDashBoard component.
3) New auto update feature in the about box.
4) TCircledSeries Circled property default value
changed, from False to True. (Pie,Donut,etc)
5) New TPieSeries.PieMarks.InsideSlice boolean
property (default False).
6) Custom chart themes: New TThemesList.Apply
methods to use any TeeChart or *.tee file
as a theme for other charts.
7) Firemonkey only: All Pen properties have a
public Fill property, to allow painting strokes
filled with gradients or bitmaps.
8) Firemonkey and VCL with GDI+ canvas only:
All Gradient properties now accept multiple colors,
supporting transparency (alphablending) per color.
9) Firemonkey: Improved TTeeCanvas.StretchDraw to
fill areas in 3D with bitmaps. (ie: TColorGridSeries)
10) Firemonkey: Implemented TTeeCanvas GetPixel and
SetPixel methods (Pixels[X,Y] property).
11) [TV52014335]
New Series.Marks.Style: smsLabelPercentValue
which includes: Label, Percent, and Value.
12) [TV52016570]
TCursorTool now snaps to the Z position of the
points when lined to a 3D series.
13) Predefined color palettes support multiple
custom colors.
14) Default series color (clTeeColor) can be used
as a series color via series editors.
15) All new charts are created with GDI+ canvas
by default.
16) New 3D -> Render tab in the chart editor to
choose which canvas to be used: GDI, GDI+ or
17) TPieSeries rendering improved using floating
point arcs instead of integers among other
enhancements and bug fixes.
18) [TV52012125]
TNearestTool.Distance property. Sets the
maximum allowed distance from mouse cursor to
series points to paint the tool (0 = any distance).
19) New TNearestTool.Hint and HintStyle properties
and OnGetHint event.
20) New iOS Palette.
21) Improved Ellipse rendering using floating
point calculations instead of integers where
22) New TChartPen.Fill property (type TBrush).
Only available in Firemonkey.
23) New property at TCustomSeries: Line, Area,
Point and all derived from them), and
TFastLineSeries. Series1.ClickTolerance,
indicates the number of pixels around lines
to consider "clicked". Default is zero, which
is current behavior.
24) Pie Slice tool now works with multiple pie
series in a chart now.

New Features TeeTree:
1) TTree for FireMonkey (RAD XE3 and XE4)
Runtime support (no design-time editors yet)
2) New Tree1.CrossBox.SignStyle property,
to switch between cross "+" and triangles ">"
3) New node ToggleCheck method, to check/uncheck
tree nodes: TreeNodeShape123.ToggleCheck
4) New TTree OnCheckedShape event, called whenever
a node is checked or unchecked.
5) New TreeImagePool.Add overload method to load
pictures from files: TreeImagePool.Add('my_icon.png')

Release Notes 5th November 2012
TeeChart VCL version 2012
Build 2012.07.121105
Please send feedback to:

1) Everything included in build 2012.07.121031
now implemented for all the IDEs supported.
2) [TV52016391]
Firemonkey editors containing TSpinBox
controls crashed in XE2. Fixed.
3) [TV52016179]
Standard Deviation not working under
some circumstances. Fixed.

New Features
1) Support for RAD Studio, Delphi &
C++ Builder XE3 added.
2) Firemonkey desktop & iOS demo projects
source code included.

Release Notes 31st October 2012
TeeChart VCL version 2012
Build 2012.07.121031 for the following IDEs:
Delphi 5, Delphi 6, Delphi 7, Delphi 2005,
BDS 2006, RAD Studio 2007, RAD Studio 2009,
RAD Studio 2010 and RAD Studio XE only.
Please send feedback to:

1) [TV52015167]
EditorBrush buttons did not always give
expected results when applied to Area and
LineSeries. Fixed.
2) [TV52016235]
"Access denied" message on image exportation
preview in some IDEs. Fixed.
3) [TV52016247]
Zooming and panning not working when not
having the "normal" TTeeCommander button.
4) [TV52016296]
Some buttons in the export editor overlapped
when resizing it. Fixed.
5) [TV52016309]
Circled property broken for TCircledSeries.
6) [TV52016335]
Clicked function for TPoint3DSeries doesn't
work well in non-orthogonal charts. Fixed.
7) [TV52016253]
Abstract error thrown when adding some
tools at design-time in XE2. Fixed.
8) [TV52016351]
Floating point overflow when zooming several
times an inverted axis in some circumstances.
9) [TV52016334]
TClusteringTool description text constants
for localization were missing. Fixed.
10) Fixes for VCL.NET compilation.
11) [TV52016377]
Null points still drawn when TFastLineSeries uses
DrawAllPointsStyle daMinMax. Fixed.

New Features
1) Clicked function for TErrorPointSeries and
2) TeeChart Pro 2012 constants fully
translated to Hungarian and Slovene.
3) [TV52015085]
MarksOnBar aligns the marks also when the
Bars are stacked.
4) Improved support for Lazarus 1.0 IDE
(See teechart.lpk Lazarus package)

Release Notes 13th June 2012
TeeChart VCL version 2012
Build 2012.06.120613
Please send feedback to:

1) [TV52016064]
Zoom Rectangle drawn incorrectly when
tzdHorizontal or tzdVertical directions
are used. Fixed.
2) [TV52014076]
VideoTool produces an error under Delphi
2009 and up. Fixed.
3) [TV52015427] & [TV52015964]
Part 2 bugfix for this issue, resolving line
width plot issues when TAntiAlias Tool active
in Chart.
4) [TV52015862]
Fix for TCursorTool in GDI+. It wasn't
rendering correctly in previous versions. Now
5) [TV52015898]
FastLineSeries errored when scrolling all data
off Chart. Fixed.
6) [TV52015865]
DonutSeries sidewalls painting incorrectly for
some value combinations. Improved for this
7) [TV52015521]
Affecting rendering in GDI+ only, Canvas
StretchDraw was not functioning correctly
causing the non-rendering of rotated graphics
(example images on Chart LeftWall or RightWall).
Now fixed.
8) [TV52015773]
The default palette could not be returned for
serialization once it had been changed to
another. Fixed.
9) [TV52015428]
Custom Axis Labels would not completely scroll
off the Axis when scrolled to so do. Fixed.
10) [TV52015747]
The ClearChart method was not correctly
updating the SeriesList counter. Fixed.
11) [TV52016086]
Candle series with same Open, Close and
High/Low values not being drawn as a
perfect "T" or inverted "T". Fixed.
12) [TV52015729]
Setting BackIsBlack color palette in the
ColorPalettes_MacOS example at Tee9New
demo project did not work. Fixed.
13) [TV52015978]
The unique case of changing a Series colour to
a default one after changing the Chart palette
from a default machine palette with non zero
index to the zero index palette (TeeChart)
causes the new Series colour to be not
serialised correctly (overwritten by machine
palette default colour). Fixed.
14) [TV52016042]
Clicking on a chart with a TLegendPaletteTool
caused an exception. Fixed.
15) [TV52015654]
THorizHistogramSeries not rendering
correctly in 3D. Fixed.
16) [TV52015731]
Ilink32 error when compiling a C++ XE2
application for OSX32. Fixed.

New Features
1) TeeChart Pro 2012 constants fully
translated to Slovak.
2) New export format to Javascript for the HTML5
Canvas. The current implementation defaults to
use Steema's online .js source at:

The Javascript export format supports a limited
chart featureset to create active charts for most
browser types. Javascript Export currently supports
the following Series types only:
- Line
- Area
- Bar
- HorizLine
- HorizArea
- HorizBar
- Pie
- Bubble
- Donut
- Candle

Please see the Steema Javascript pages for more
details of use, examples and documentation:
3) New EquiVolume Financial Series. Series plots
market volume and trade movements on a non-linear
Axis scale.

Release Notes 27th March 2012
TeeChart VCL version 2012
Build 2012.05.120327
Please send feedback to:

1) [TV52015931]
TeeLegendScrollBarEditor unit missing in
binary installers. Fixed.
2) [TV52015960]
CrossPoints function gives wrong points in
some cases. Fixed.
3) [TV52015939]
Null points broken for TFastLineSeries.
4) [TV52015992]
Filled TContourSeries not plotting
correctly when IrregularGrid=True.
5) [TV52015896]
Second and next TAreaSeries drawn incorrectly
in 64bits. Fixed.
6) [TV52016025]
MarkTools causes Access Violation error when
one of the stacked TAreaSeries is empty.
7) [TV52015944]
Use Origin checkbox was overlapping in
volume series editor. Fixed.
8) [TV52015959]
Chart Editor - Tab Panel - Tab Image:
Some image options were not shown. Fixed.

New Features
1) [TV52016040]
New LineTransparency property for the
TPoint3DSeries LinePen.
2) TeeChart Pro 2012 constants fully
translated to Portuguese. Usage of
the Portuguese translation is
encouraged too for Brazilian users
as it complies with directives
included in the language
standardisation agreement made
between Portuguese speaking countries.
3) RAD Studio XE2, Delphi XE2 and
C++ Builder XE2 Update 4 support.

Release Notes 17th November 2011
TeeChart VCL version 2011
Build 2011.04.41118
Please send feedback to:

1) [TV52015540]
Clicked function returns the righ point
index while should return the left. Fixed.
2) [TV52015573]
TeeMouseCursor editor not fully translated.
3) [TV52015567]
New series in TeeErrorPoint not translated
in the chart editor gallery. Fixed.
4) [TV52015565]
Cloning a TKnobGauge series threw an AV
exception. Fixed.
5) Global var TeeUseMouseWheel (Chart.pas)
moved to Chart1.Panning.MouseWheel property.
6) TChart, TDraw3D, etc: TabStop property
default now changed to: True.
7) [TV52014153]
Bar and HorizBar Series, bars still
drawn when value is 0. Fixed.
8) [TV52015481]
Pie frame is not displayed. Fixed.
9) [TV52015482]
Example demos: What’s New?->Welcome!->
New in Series->Gauges->CircularGauge Frame
edition is not working. Fixed.
10) [QC Entry 88720]
In some cases, when adding more than one
series, axis labels were not read properly.
11) [TV52015541]
TCursorTool not refreshing in MDI
applications under some circumstances.
12) [TV52015469]
Treemap_AddFolder.pas example in TeeNew
demo raised a List out of bounds error.
13) [TV52015486]
Opening SeriesType_Treemap demo at Tee9New
in designtime rendered the series incorrectly.
There was also a List index out of bounds
error when editing the series.
14) [TV52015484]
When resizing a Subchart tool it could not
be made bigger. Fixed.
15) [TV52015730]
Bar and HorizBar with Stacked100 Style and
negative values don't calculate min and max
axes correctly in some circumstances. Fixed.
16) [TV52015496]
MarksToolTip didn't work in Subcharts. Fixed.
17) [TV52015493]
Numeric and Linear Gauges editor threw
an error. Fixed.
18) [TV52015489]
Axis_RetrieveOldLabels demo example not
working correctly. Fixed.
19) [TV52015494]
The OnCancelHint event wasn't raised correctly
when moving mouse cursor over an arrow
horizontal bar. Fixed.

New Features
1) Delphi, C++ Builder and RAD Studio XE2
support including: 64-bit compilation,
Firemonkey (Win32, Mac OSX and iOS) and
2) Custom color palette save and loading
functionality for Custom3D series.
3) TeeChart Pro 2011 constants fully
translated to Japanese and Korean.
4) Front and Back Errors for TErrorPoint3DSeries.
5) New "Mouse" and "Palette" subtabs at Chart
editor (General tab).
6) New tool: TClusteringTool
(at TeeClusteringTool.pas unit).
7) New grouping options for Summary datasource
in TDBChart component.
8) [TV52013868]
New Property Labels.IgnoreCase to control
SortByLabels method.
9) [TV52015814]
New UniqueCustomRadius property to control if
SetOtherCustomRadius is called when changing
CustomXRadius or CustomYRadius in Circular
series (Pie and Donut).
10) [TV52015822]
New LabelsAsSeriesTitles property for
TChartDepthAxis class to enable Depth Axis
to display labels as either series titles or
series value point.

TeeChart Pro v2011 VCL / VCL.NET / CLX version
Copyright (c) 1995-2011 by Steema Software.
All Rights Reserved.
support forum:

Release Notes 7th April 2011
TeeChart VCL version 2011
Build 2011.03.30407
Please send feedback to:

1) [TV52015386]
Adding a TPageNumTool via the chart
editor threw and exception. Fixed.
2) [TV52015390]
DrawToMetaCanvas not working correctly.
3) [TV52015260]
Excel exported files failed to import
correctly in Japanese Excel 2010. Now
4) [TV52015444]
Series.Pen.Visible:=False didn't work
in 3D GDI+ charts. Fixed.
5) [TV52015423]
TIsoSurfaceSeries not calculating first
level correctly. Fixed.
6) [TV52015430]
Chart panel color not working. Fixed.
7) [TV52015409]
Series background turned black at the
editor gallery under some circumstances.
8) [TV52015426]
Changing an AngleValue in a Polar
series did not work. Fixed.
9) [TV52015433]
Rotating pie and donut series crashed
for certain rotation/elevation angles.
10) [TV52015250]
TPolarSeries population methods failed
in C++ Builder XE. Fixed.
11) [TV52015309]
Series->Clear() in C++ Builder XE threw
an Access Violation error. Fixed.
12) [TV52015353]
AddXY method drew an horizontal line
at Y=0 in C++ Builder XE. Fixed.
13) [TV52015462]
Wrong line colors in TPolarSeries when
ColorEachPoint=True. Fixed.
14) [TV52015411]
Area Series not correctly responding
to Gradient render codelines. Fixed.
15) [TV52015318]
TVideoPlayerTool non-functional. Fixed.
16) [TV52015427]
TAntiAliasTool not clipping series
points correclty. Fixed.
17) [TV52011753]
Series transparency and legend checkboxes
not working with TAntiAliasCanvas. Fixed.

New Features
1) New TErrorPointSeries.
2) New TErrorPoint3DSeries.

1) Custom GDI+ API units renamed to
compatibility with those shipped
with RAD Studio.

TeeChart Pro v2010 VCL / VCL.NET / CLX version
Copyright (c) 1995-2011 by Steema Software.
All Rights Reserved.
support forum:

Release Notes 2nd February 2011
TeeChart VCL version 2010
Build 2010.02.20202
Please send feedback to:

1) ZoomText property is now an enumerated type
(TCanvasZoomText) instead of a boolean.
2) [TV52015196]
GDIPlus not closing all threads at end of
run when TeeChart-GDI+ compiled into dll.
Now fixed.
3) [TV52015202]
Series Legend Symbols drawn twice under some
circumstances. PaintSeriesLegend fixed.
4) [TV52014983]
ChartRect not being set correctly for
series in OpenGL. Fixed.
5) [TV52015216]
TCustomLegendTool not available at chart
editor. Fixed.
6) [TV52015181]
TColorBandTool raises and AV error at
designtime when not assigned to any axis
and trying to change its name. Fixed.
7) TAxisBreakTool. Performance improvements.
8) [TV52015199]
ColorEachLine broken in 2D lines. Fixed.
9) [TV52015228]
Zoom not working in charts with several
series with different axes. Fixed.
10) [TV52015190]
Second pointer in a series not drawn
when there's an inverted axis. Fixed.
11) TTernarySeries. Axis Label Brush was
painting incorrectly. Now resolved.
12) [TV52015266]
Polar series not plotting correctly
when ClockWiseLabels set to false.
13) [TV52015163]
CustomChartRect not reflected in
printed charts. Fixed.
14) [TV52015271]
BarWidthPercent=100 not rendering
correctly when MultiBar=mbSide. Fixed.
15) [TV52015275]
Line color in 2D charts broken. Fixed.
16) [TV52014986]
Functions with different X values not
calculating correctly. CalcByValue
property (false by default) added to
fix this.
17) [TV52015301]
TChartScrollBar not working fine
when axis Minimum <> 0. Fixed.
18) [TV52015285]
TSeriesTextSource not working with
3D series. Fixed.
19) [TV52015282 and TV52015313]
Clicked method broken for TAreaSeries.
20) [TV52015316]
Adding a series using the chart editor
set in some specific languages threw
an error. Fixed.
21) [TV52015327]
Ternary series editor crashing in
Delphi 5. Fixed.
22) [TV52015319]
Themes tab in chart editor crashing
randomly when selecting Random theme.
23) [TV52015330]
ColorEachPoint not working as
expected. Fixed.
24) [TV52015261]
TChartLegend.DrawLegend method not
working as expected. Fixed.
25) [TV52015225]
First right vertex label of TTernarySeries
not responding to changes to font
characteristics. Fixed.
26) [TV52015186]
Axis scales not calculating correctly
in TErrorSeries under some circumstances.
27) [TV52015103]
TSeriesRegionTool not respecting Stairs
property of associated series. Fixed.
28) [TV52015351]
Series datasource editor crashing with
some specific MDI applications. Fixed.
29) [TV52015179]
Axis text labels overlapping with
multiple series. Fixed.

New Features
1) New Caption parameter for EditTeeCustomShape
method which allows to set a Title for the
2) TeeChart Pro 2010 constants fully
translated to Hellenic and Hindi.
3) New ztAuto option (automatic font size when
chart is resized)
4) New TChartSeries LegendTitle (string) property
to customize legend text for each series.
5) New run-time Items tab at Legend editor.
6) New TLegendItem Font property for custom items.
7) [TV52014801]
OnScroll and OnAllowScroll events implemented
for TAxisScrollTool.
8) Added Export encoding (Unicode support) for
HTML Data export.
9) New TDragPointTool OnStartDrag event
10) New internal Chart DebugPaint property to draw
frame count and frames per second.
11) New GradientCell property for TCustomChartGrid
12) TeeChart F1 context sensitive help is now
installed as a default option for RAD Studio

1) No further VCL.NET updates will be included
with TeeChart VCL. If you have any specific
requirement please contact us.

Release Notes 4th October 2010
TeeChart VCL version 2010
Build 2010.01.11004
Please send feedback to:

1) [TV52012679]
XValues not exported to XML under
some circumstances. Fixed.
2) [TV52014201]
In circular gauges with TotalAngle = 360
(or near 360), axis' 360 and 0 labels
overlapped. Fixed.
3) [TV52010125]
Axis labels not exported correctly in
VML under some circumstances. Fixed.
4) [TV52014835]
CustomChartRect property not working
correctly. Fixed.
5) [TV52014800]
Pie series with visible gradient produces
wrong colours. Correct ones are shown in
legend symbols. Fixed.
6) [TV52014592]
Rotating pie chart that appears on start
up of Tee9New has a problem with colors.
They change as the pie rotates. Fixed.
7) [TV52014770]
Setting TButtonColor to black didn't
work. Fixed.
8) [TV52014890]
Memory leak with TGDIPlusCanvas and
transparency. Fixed.
9) [TV52014902]
TeeFonts.res missing with Standard
version. Fixed.
10) [TV52011757]
Stacked area series not plotting
correctly with negative values. Fixed.
11) [TV52013609]
Problem with logarithmic labels using
certain data ranges. Fixed.
12) [TV52013859]
TDataTableTool not working fine when
scrolling containing chart. Fixed.
13) [No ticket number]
Improvements to AxisBreakTool Zoom and
Scroll support.
14) [TV52014961]
Memory leak in TGDIPlusCanvas. Fixed.
15) [TV52010822 and TV52013855]
TAreaSeries with Stairs=True not
painting correctly when rotating or
moving the chart. Fixed.
16) [TV52014950]
Chart panel's SubGradient was broken.
17) [TV52012044]
TCursorTool not visible in monochrome
charts. Fixed.
18) [TV52011478]
TSelectorTool didn't place handles on
Right axis correctly. Fixed.
19) [TV52014989]
Vertical-aligned TCircularGauge series
paint center in wrong position. Fixed.
20) [TV52014813]
Chart->General->Fonts and OpenGL
editors raised some exceptions. Fixed.
21) [TV52013668]
TAntiAliasTool not working with charts
not plotting in a canvas. Fixed.
22) [TV52014785]
TeeImage95 package could not be loaded.
23) [TV52014938]
Removing series with TDBCrossTabSource
not working fine. Fixed.
24) [TV52014658]
TPieSeries.EdgeStyle not working in
IDEs previous to BDS 2006. Fixed.
25) [TV52014936]
Chart editor hanged up in a chart
with TDBCrossTabSource. Fixed.
26) [TV52014981]
BevelInner and BevelOutter not assigned
in TChart.Assign method. Fixed.
27) [TV52014993]
Chart not repainting after calling
TeeCreateBitmap. Fixed.
28) [TV52014497]
Some series marks disappered under some
circumstances, after exporting. Fixed.
29) [TV52015018]
Clicked method not working fine with
TLineSeries. Fixed.
30) [TV52015030]
Color not working in TSelectorTool.
31) [TV52014269]
Not all axis text labels were plotted
with multiple series in a chart. Fixed.
32) [TV52015060]
Access Violation exception thrown
when assigning a TCircularGauge series
to another one. Fixed.
33) [TV52015101]
First slice in a 2D TDonutSeries not
visible using GDI+. Fixed.
34) TAxisBreakStyle talNone constant was
incorrectly named. Renamed to tabNone.
35) [TV52014945]
OnMouseEnter or OnMouseLeave fired
OnClickPointer event too. Fixed.
36) [TV52015075]
Changing the cursor in some series
fires the OnClickPointer event when
mouse is over a pointer. Fixed.
37) [TV52015063]
Std. Deviation function not working
correctly using some specific Period
property settings. Fixed.
38) [TV52014805]
Points not drawing in screen coordiantes
when zooming causes series being drawn
at wrong position. Fixed.
39) [TV52015184]
Bars in TErrorSeries not calculated
correctly with logarithmic axes. Fixed.
40) [TV52015187]
TErrorSeries plotted negative error
values downwards and viceversa. Fixed.

New Features
1) Added RoundRect Bar Style and allow to
specify the rounded size throught the
Chart Editor.
2) [TV52014853]
Axis.Increment property added at
TLinearGauge and TCircularGauge editor.
3) AddBubbleXYZ and AddBubbleXYZWeight now
have two overloads which allow to specify
the point label.
4) [TV52010306]
Marks.OnTop property implemented to avoid
series overlapping marks in 2D charts.
5) [TV52014920]
Clicked method for TTreeMapSeries
6) [TV52014956]
ClipPoints set to False by default when
adding a TCustomPolarSeries from the
chart editor.
7) TeeChart Pro 2010 constants fully
translated to those languages: Brazilian,
Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Farsi,
French, German, Indonesian, Italian,
Norwegian, Polish and Russian.
8) New Frame border for TPieSeries in 2D mode
which allows to customize its inner, outer
and middle frame.
9) [TV52015054]
New DataStyle property for
THistogramFunction being hdsTruncate by
default. Previous behavior can be achieved
using hdsRound.
10) Support for RAD Studio XE, Delphi XE and
C++ Builder XE.
11) The TeeChart Editor shows double-byte
unicode characters in their correct format
when used with RADStudio 2009 and 2010.
12) [TV52015098]
New talPointValue value for LabelStyle
13) [TV52014775]
Scrolling outside ChartRect has been
implemented. It can be disabled setting
TChart.Panning.InsideBounds property to
True. It's False by default.
14) Added new OnValidDataSource event to
TChart, TDBChart and TQRChart.
15) Added new SeriesIndex read-only integer
property to TCustomChartSeries.
16) Several improvements at TFlexCanvas
(exporting Charts to Adobe Flex / Flash)
17) New TChartWalls.Hide and Show methods.
18) New TTeeShadow.BlurSize integer property.
19) New TTeeFont.Quality property.
20) New TAnnotationTool.Draw3D boolean property.
21) New TBannerTool.ScrollStep integer property.
22) OpenGL: Scroll and zoom now supported in 2D
23) New TContourLevel.Text string property.
24) New TFaderTool.ParentColor property.
25) New TGrayScaleFilter Method style: gmLight.
26) New TChartGalleryPanel.CanvasClass property.
27) New HTML5 Canvas and Export class.
28) New Chart Legend text style: ltsXAndText
29) New TOrgItem Level and Parent functions.
30) Renamed PNGImage unit to TeePNGImage to avoid
name conflicts with existing PNGImage unit.
31) Chart background is now printed by default
(TeePrintTeePanel global defaults to True now)
32) New TSeriesTextSource.DataSource property to
link Series with for example a TMemo.
33) New TSeriesTextSource.Automatic boolean property.
34) New TLightTool DrawStyle property

Release Notes 12th April 2010
TeeChart VCL version 2010
Build 2010.00.00407
Please send feedback to:

For a list of changes, please open the
WhatsNew.htm file located at installation
folder under \Docs\Whats New.

New Features

Please send feedback to:
TeeChart Pro v8 VCL / CLX version
Copyright (c) 1995-2011
by Steema Software SL
All Rights Reserved.
support forum:

Release Notes 7th March 2011
TeeChart VCL version 8
Build 8.08.80307
Please send feedback to:

1) [TV52010125]
Axis labels not exported correctly in
VML under some circumstances. Fixed.
2) [TV52014835]
CustomChartRect property not working
correctly. Fixed.
3) [TV52014875]
Null points with inverted axes not
working properly under some
circumstances. Fixed.
4) [TV52011757]
Stacked area series not plotting
correctly with negative values. Fixed.
5) [TV52013609]
Problem with logarithmic labels using
certain data ranges. Fixed.
6) [TV52013859]
TDataTableTool not working fine when
scrolling containing chart. Fixed.
7) [TV52010822 and TV52013855]
TAreaSeries with Stairs=True not
painting correctly when rotating or
moving the chart. Fixed.
8) [TV52012044]
TCursorTool not visible in monochrome
charts. Fixed.
9) [TV52011478]
TSelectorTool didn't place handles on
Right axis correctly. Fixed.
10) [TV52014989]
Vertical-aligned TCircularGauge series
paint center in wrong position. Fixed.
11) [TV52013668]
TAntiAliasTool not working with charts
not plotting in a canvas. Fixed.
12) [TV52014938]
Removing series with TDBCrossTabSource
not working fine. Fixed.
13) [TV52014936]
Chart editor hanged up in a chart
with TDBCrossTabSource. Fixed.
14) [TV52014981]
BevelInner and BevelOutter not assigned
in TChart.Assign method. Fixed.
15) [TV52014497]
Some series marks disappered under some
circumstances, after exporting. Fixed.
16) [TV52015030]
Color not working in TSelectorTool.
17) [TV52015063]
Std. Deviation function not working
correctly using some specific Period
property settings. Fixed.
18) [TV52015181]
TColorBandTool raises and AV error at
designtime when not assigned to any axis
and trying to change its name. Fixed.
19) [TV52015301]
TChartScrollBar not working fine
when axis Minimum <> 0. Fixed.
20) Excel exported files failed to import
correctly in Japanese Excel 2010. Now

New Features
1) [TV52010306]
Marks.OnTop property implemented to avoid
series overlapping marks in 2D charts.
2) [TV52015054]
New DataStyle property for
THistogramFunction being hdsTruncate by
default. Previous behavior can be achieved
using hdsRound.

TeeChart Pro v8 VCL / CLX version
Copyright (c) 1995-2010
by Steema Software SL
All Rights Reserved.
support forum:

Release Notes 13th April 2010
TeeChart VCL version 8
Build 8.07.70413
Please send feedback to:

1) [TF02014321]
Chart Editor didn't allow the editing of
DateTime values when the equivalent date
was less than or equal to 0 (zero).
2) [TV52014389]
Axes assignment ignored labels font
settings. Fixed.
3) [TV52014016]
Colors not plotted correctly in
TAreaSeries when rotated. Fixed.
4) [TV52014524]
Horiontal grids are not drawn in
TColorGridSeries. Fixed.
5) [TF02014545]
Pie Series Marks Shadow not drawing
correctly when angle non-zero. Fixed.
6) [TV52014405]
Exporting a GDI+ chart to a bitmap
failed. Fixed.
7) [TV52013638]
TLineSeries rendering took excessive
time under some circumstances. Fixed.
8) [TV52014401]
OnGetMarkText event not available in
TChartShape series. Fixed.
9) [TV52014436]
Scrolling TBarSeries resized the bars
under some circumstances. Fixed.
10) [TV52014649]
Null values painted in TCandleSeries
with CandleStyle set to csLine. Fixed.
11) [TV52014608]
TSeriesTextSource crashed at runtime.
12) [TV52014561]
IgnoreNulls property interfering with
TreatNulls in TFastLineSeries. Fixed.
13) [TV52014677]
2D TLineSeries with LinePen.Width > 1
and TAntiAliasTool are always black.
14) [TV52014692]
Chart editor crashed when using
TAntiAliasTool under some circumstances.
15) [TV52014572]
Shadow not working with legend symbols.
16) [TV52014260]
TErrorBarSeries not painting correctly
when associated to logarithmic axis.
17) [TV52014124]
TLineSeries.ColorEachLine property not
working properly in 2D Charts. Fixed.
18) [TV52014308 and TV52011847]
Stacked bars with negative values
were not drawn correctly. Fixed.
19) [TV52014402]
Value property of TGaugeSeries was
not serialized. Fixed.
20) [TV52014507]
Few standard version files in Delphi
2009 and 2010 not moved to the backup
folder. Fixed.
21) [TV52014317]
DataSource and Datasources properties
synchronization enhancements.
22) [TV52012679]
XValues not exported to XML under
some circumstances. Fixed.

New Features

1) [TV52014653]
AddOHLC and AddCandle methods now accept
label and color. Fixed.

Release Notes 2nd September 2009
TeeChart VCL version 8
Build 8.06.60902
Please send feedback to:

1) [TV52014184]
TAntiAliasTool not drawing 2D lines
correctly when scrolling them partially
out of the chart. Fixed.
2) [TV52014200]
In v8.05 C++ Builder projects threw an
exception when using TeeGDIPlus unit.
3) [TV52014264]
TColorGridSeries threw an exception
when being populated with negative
values under some circumstances. Fixed.
4) [TV52014252]
Setting LinePen.Width in 2D line series
also set OutLine.Width. Fixed.
5) [TV52014302]
Clicked function for TFastLineSeries
doesn't care of stairs mode. Fixed.
6) [TV52014303]
Function's source series list empty in
MDI applications under some
circumstances. Fixed.
7) [TV52011120]
Axis labels overlap when DateTime under
some circumstances. Fixed.
8) [TV52014316]
Bars haven't the correct width under
some circumstances.
9) [TV52014348]
TTeePreviewPanel didn't plot patterns
in legend symbols. Fixed.
10) [not assigned]
Scrolling to the right the last pointer
of Area Series disappear, now fixed.

New Features
1) [TV52014310]
TeeRoundDate support for increments
smaller than dtHalfMonth.
2) RAD Studio 2010 support.

TeeChart Pro v8 VCL / CLX version
Copyright (c) 1995-2009
by Steema Software SL
All Rights Reserved.
support forum:

Release Notes 22nd May 2009
TeeChart VCL version 8
Build 8.05.50522
Please send feedback to:

1) [TF02012544]
Zooming or scrolling on a TBubbleSeries
caused bubbles at the edges of the
chart to "disappear". Fixed.
2) [TF02013413]
Scrolling on a TCandleSeries caused
incorrect FirstDisplayedIndex and
LastDisplayedIndex values to be returned.
3) [similar to TF02012544]
Problems similar to TF02012544 also
occurred in the following Series types:
TBarSeries, THorizBarSeries, TBar3DSeries,
TBarJoinSeries, TErrorSeries,
TErrorBarSeries, TImageBarSeries,
TPointSeries, TImagePointSeries
and TPointFigureSeries. Fixed.
4) [TF02013442]
TSmithSeries circle unnecessarily reduced
in size when Marks made visible. Fixed.
5) [TF02013446]
THistogramSeries and THorizHistogramSeries
not rendering correctly when the axis
associated with the XValues is inverted.
6) [TV52013959]
Memory leak in TPNGExportFormat.
SaveToStreamCompression, now Fixed.
7) [TF02013524]
Null values could not be set for the
Candle Series. Fixed. Null values can
now be set using the TChartSeries.SetNull()
8) [TV52013949]
Axis increment calculation produced an
error with very big ranges. Fixed.
9) [No bugfix log]
CalcXPos and CalcYPos not working in the
TColorGridSeries. Fixed.
10) [TV52013783]
Grid lines not plotted in TColorGridSeries
under some circumstances. Fixed.
11) [TV52013781]
TColorGridSeries not working in VCL.NET
applications in some cases. Fixed.
12) [TF02013701]
TPointSeries failing to show last points
under exceptional circumstances. Fixed.
13) [TF02013714]
THorizBarseries not displaying
all points when chart resized. Fixed.
14) [TV52012609]
Added support for TVideoTool.Compression.
Video compression can be assigned recording
video if it exists as a codec on the system.
15) [TV52013763]
Adding Video Player Tool from the editor
gives an exception, now fixed.
16) [TV52013795]
Axes titles painted at the wrong position
under some circumstances. Fixed.
17) [TV52013762]
Series' VisibleCount property not working
correctly, now fixed.
18) [TV52013523]
Adding null values to a candle series
plotted black candles. Fixed.
19) [TV52013796]
TColorGridSeries not plotted correctly
when an associated axis has Inverted
property set to true. Fixed.
20) [TV52012772]
First value in THistogramFunction wrongly
calculated. Fixed.
21) [TV52013866]
Big difference in values crashes when
calculating axis labels increment. Fixed.
22) [TV52013770]
Multiline chart footer and subfooter
not plotted corectly. Fixed.
23) [TV52013637]
TColorGridSeries.Clicked method not
working when IrregularGrid=True. Fixed.
24) [TV52013630]
Negative values in 2D bar series not
plotted correctly with GDI+ canvas.
25) [TV52013462]
Polar series not plotting correctly
when ClockWiseLabels set to false.
26) [TV52013293]
2D pies not plotted correctly using
GDI+ canvas. Fixed.
27) [TV52013958]
Pie Series now has support for image
as Brush for each slice in 3D mode.
28) [TV52012826]
Source code didn't compile with all
TChartValue values available. Fixed.
29) [TV52012814]
Filled checkbox in TContourSeries
editor non-functional at design-time.
30) [TV52013778, TV52013431]
SmoothBitmap property in TColorGridSeries
not working fine. Fixed.
31) [TV52013890]
Setting series points color in VCL.NET
caused an error under some circumstances.
32) [TV52013884]
Chart editor's gallery raised an
exception in VCL.NET applications
under some circumstances. Fixed.
33) [TV52013978]
TTeeCommander buttons not rendering
correctly in VCL.NET applications.
34) [TV52013433]
Setting TLegendItem.Text produced an
error. Fixed.
35) [TV52013257]
Series points not painted correctly
when scrolling and horizontal axis
is inverted. Fixed.
36) [TV52013470]
THorizHistogramSeries with inverted
vertical axis not plotting correctly.
37) [TV52013314]
TMarksTipTool doesn't work correctly
with TErrorSeries. Fixed.
38) [TF02013509]
Using the OnGetAxisLabel event,
although the label is modified properly
(for example cut it) on the Axis, the
Axis label size is calculated by the
complete labels so a lot of empty space
appears at the bottom, now fixed.
39) [TV52014081]
TTagCloudSeries threw an exception when
only had one value. Fixed.
40) [TV52013611]
Using TDrawLineTool in a chart with
a TAntiAliasTool, when scrolling lines
out of the chart boundaries produced an
error. Fixed.
41) [TV52014108]
3D editor dialog allowed Perspective
values greater than 100. Fixed.
42) [TV52013610]
TDrawLineTool not painting lines
correctly when used together with
TAntiAliasTool or TGDIPlusCanvas.
43) [TV52013767]
The ColorGrid Series was not displaying
correctly in OpenGL or PDFExport. Now
44) [TV52010768]
Some functions not working fine for
horizontal series. Fixed.
45) [TV52012014]
Selecting marks from a series with null
points using a TSelectorTool produced
an error. Fixed.
45) [TV52013515]
Export errors with PDf and GIF exports and
RAD Studio 2009 only. Now resolved.
46) [TV52013538]
Export errors for some 'data' text formats
from RAD Studio 2009 only (related to
Unicode encoding). Now resolved.

New Features
1) [TV52013792]
New TChartSeries.AddArray(XValues, YValues)
2) [TV52013566]
New ClearChart method implemented.
3) [TV52012644]
New DisplayedPointCount property for
4) [TV52013276]
New DefaultNullValue property for series.
5) New FontSeriesColor for Marks which sets the
font color for each mark giving its point
6) [TV52013175]
New IncludeNulls property implemented for
THistogramFunction. This property is true
by default.

Release Notes 10th October 2008
TeeChart VCL version 8
Build 8.04
Please send feedback to:

1) Added UseSeriesFormat and ValueFormat
properties for export data which allow to
use a specific valueformat or the one
choosed for Series.
2) [TV52013138]
Trying to get MaxLabelsWidth hangs if
IAxisSize=0. Now fixed.
3) Using translations, Field names of selected
table as datasource were translated too, now
4) [TF02013319]
FirstVisibleIndex and LastVisibleIndex
not calculated correctly under some
circumstances and for some series.
5) [TV52012914]
TLinearGauge's title settings at
designtime doesn't persist at runtime.
6) [TV52013112]
Print preview margins could not be
eddited using print preview controls.
7) [TV52013171]
TLineSeries' Add(YValue, Label, Color)
method override didn't produce different
color line segments. Fixed.
8) [TV52013076]
XML export/import loses null points.
9) [TV52013279]
ContourSeries did not colour fill
segments correctly when datasourced from
external file. Now resolved.
10) [TV52012634] Reviewed
ColorGrid Series generates unaligned cells
using similar code to the following one :
var x,z: Integer;
for x:=0 to 5 do
for z:=0 to 3 do
This happens when series' rows and columns
start at value zero. Now fixed.
11) [TV52013186]
When first point in a series is a null
value and TreatNulls=tnSkip a line is
drawn from first to last series point.
12) [TV52013102]
TChartScrollBar component modified axes
scales incorrectly when zooming or panning
associated chart.
13) [TV52013251]
Surface Grid [new] cell insertion wasn't
working correctly. Now resolved.
14) [TV52013355]
Chart editor's export data tab generated
a semicolon when choosing "Colon" option
in the "Delimiter" field. Fixed.

Release Notes 28th May 2008
TeeChart VCL version 8
Build 8.03
Please send feedback to:

1) [TV52010241]
THistogramSeries and THorizHistogramSeries
not drawing correctly when axis is not
automatic. Fixed.
2) [TV52012770]
Fixed bug which appear at v8.02. Printing
the Charts access violation is thrown.
3) [TV52010983]
Fixed bug : SetNull doesn't work properly
for FastLine Series. Setting the IgnoreNulls
property of FastLineSeries to false in
conjunction to TreatNulls property works
fine now (Series1.IgnoreNulls:=false;
4) [TV52010079]
Crossover funtion: if there is a crossover
at x=0 and x=0 is the xvalue of the first
series point of BOTH series then crosspoints
doesn't work. Crosspoints does work for all
other situations with x=0
5) [TV52010196]
CrossPoints Function does not work fine
setting it at designtime. An extra point is
added at the end which is not correct. Now
6) [TV52012988], [TV52012592] and [TV52012533]
Legends with many items not behaving
correctly under some circumstances. Fixed.
7) [TV52012495]
Changing of a circular gauge to a linear
doesn't work well. Fixed.
8) [TV52010523] & [TV52011291]
Verified these bugs had been fixed in
earlier v8 releases.
9) [TV52012978]
ColorGrid click sensitivity was not correct
with CenteredGrid True. Fixed.
10) [TV52013006]
Changing Series type to BarSeries before
repaint caused a StackStyle problem. Fixed.
11) [TV52012330]
Horizontal Series types did not load XY data
correctly from SeriesTextSource. Fixed.
12) [TV52012634]
ColorGrid Series generates unaligned cells
using similar code to the following one :
var x,z: Integer;
for x:=0 to 5 do
for z:=0 to 3 do
This happens when series' rows and columns
start at value zero. Now fixed.
13) [TV52012332]
TBarSeries and THorizBarSeries not drawing
correctly when axis is not automatic and
BarWidthPercent = 100. Fixed.
14) [TV52011721]
Problems sizing with Axis' custom label
size. Now fixed.
15) [TV52012992]
Reported "invalid floating point operation"
using the rotate tool under some steep angle
conditions. Fixed.
16) [TV52013025]
The labels list would remains empty when using
AddHighLow from HighLowSeries. Fixed.
17) [TV52012919]
Change notification: The GDI+ example is now
included as part of TeeNew demo project.
18) [TV52012699]
Using TLegendPaletteTool with a ColorGrid
series with a custom palette didn't work
correctly. Fixed.
19) [TV52011868]
Mouse-panning would cause some axes bound
data to move more quickly than the mouse
movement. Fixed.

Please send feedback to:
Chart Axes

* Alternate labels.

Axis labels can now be displayed in "alternate" mode to show more text in the same space.
Suitable for horizontal axis and non-rotated labels.
Chart1.Axes.Bottom.LabelsAlternate := True ;

Bar, Bar3D and Horizontal Bar series

* Tick lines.

New TChartPen property to draw lines around Bar series points at default axis grid positions.
Series1.TickLines.Visible := True ;


* Radio buttons

The listbox control can now display series with "radio" buttons instead of check-boxes.
This can be useful in cases where only a single series needs to be visible.
ChartListBox1.CheckStyle := cbsRadio; // ( default is cbsCheck )

* OnChangeActive event

This event is called when the end user clicks the checkbox or radio icon to show or hide a Series. The event includes the Series.

Chart Themes

"Themes" provide an easy single-click way to alter many of the Chart formatting and color properties.
Included themes are TeeChart, Microsoft Excel®, Business, Classic and Web.

End users can change the selected "theme" at runtime either using the chart editor dialog new Themes tab or the Themes editor stand-alone.
Uses TeeThemeEditor
ChartThemeSelector( Chart1 );

Themes can also be selected programatically.
Uses TeeThemes;
ApplyChartTheme( TExcelTheme, Chart1 );

New custom themes can be created and used at design-time with simple code:
TMyTheme = class( TChartTheme )
procedure ApplyTo( Chart: TCustomChart ); override;
class function Description:String; override;

RegisterChartThemes([ TMyTheme ]);

TColorBand tool

* New OnClick event, and Clicked and BoundsRect functions.

The color band object now provides an OnClick event, Clicked function and BoundsRect function that returns the color band rectangle in pixels.


* Editor and Previewer

The commander control adds two new properties to show customized chart editor and print preview dialogs, using your preferred TChartEditor and TChartPreviewer components:
TeeCommander1.ChartEditor := ChartEditor1 ;
TeeCommander1.Previewer := ChartPreviewer1 ;

Custom Chart Color Palettes

The default color palette is now a dynamic array that can be replaced by code:
// Create a custom color palette
var MyPalette : TColorArray;
SetLength(MyPalette, 5);
MyPalette[0]:= clBlue;
MyPalette[1]:= clGreen;
MyPalette[2]:= clLime;
MyPalette[3]:= clAqua;
MyPalette[4]:= clNavy;

SetDefaultColorPalette( MyPalette ); // set new custom palette

MyPalette:= nil; // free if no longer used

Several predefined palettes are available at runtime:
ColorPalettes.ApplyPalette(Chart1, 3); // 3 = pastels

Delphi for .NET

New in this version is support for Borland Delphi™ 2005 .Net compiler.

Under Delphi.Net, applications can be created to use the Borland VCL for .Net ( VCLForms ) or to use Microsoft FCL for .Net ( WinForms ), or ASP.Net web server pages.

TeeChart v7 VCL is designed to be used in VCLForms (Win32 or .Net) but can also work in WinForms and ASP.Net forms if you create the necessary encapsulating classes.

For easier programming in WinForms and Asp.Net, we provide TeeChart.Net (written 100% in C#) which uses .Net Framework classes directly bypassing the VCL. As with the VCL version, this version can also be used in VCLForms applications through new a new .Net Control Import Library Wizard.

Design Time options

New editor dialog to control all design-time options.
Selections are stored at Windows Registry under key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Steema Software\TeeChart Pro

The design-time options editor can also be displayed at runtime in your applications:
uses TeeDesignOptions;

with TOptionsForm.Create( Self ) do

Chart Legend

* Radio groups

Legend can now display "radio" buttons alongside series to let the user choose a single visible series.
Chart1.Legend.CheckBoxes := True; // activate boxes
Chart1.Legend.CheckBoxesStyle := cbsRadio; // ...or cbsCheck

* Scrollbar tool

New tool to add scrollbar facilities to Chart Legend.
The scrollbar is not derived from Windows or Borland's VCL scrollbar objects. It's been totally rewritten in Delphi with full source code available.

The scrollbar editor dialog provides many formatting properties like colors, sizes, etc.
Uses TeeLegendScrollBar;
MyScroll:= TLegendScrollBar.Create( Self );
MyScroll.Size:= 12;
Chart1.Tools.Add( MyScroll );

* Legend Title

The Chart Legend provides a new property "Title" of class TTeeShape.
Legend Title text and formatting can be fully customized.
with Chart1.Legend.Title do
Text.Add( 'Animals' );
Color:= clMaroon;
Transparent:= False;
Transparency:= 50;

* Miscellaneous

New LastValue (Integer) read-only public property.
Returns the value index of the last visible item in legend.
This complements the already existing FirstValue property.

New 2D Lighting Tool

The new TLightTool class enables "2D lighting" effect to charts.
Several properties can be customized using the Light tool editor dialog.
uses TeeLighting;

var Light : TLightTool;
Light:= TLightTool.Create( Self );
Light.FollowMouse:= True;
Light.Style:= lsSpotLight;
Chart1.Tools.Add( Light );

New Functions

* Mode

The Mode function calculates the value with highest count of duplicates inside the source series data.

Includes the option to ignore null source values.

* Median

Calculates the value located in the middle of sorted source series values.

* Correlation

Calculates the factor, from 0 to 1, of X to Y relationship of source series values.

* Variance

Calculates the average spread of source series values.

Chart Editor

* Tree mode

The Chart Editor dialog can now be displayed in "tree mode", using a left-aligned treeview control as the main manager of the many editor dialogs.

The above design-time options dialog controls the default editor mode (normal or tree).
The ChartEditorPanel control can also be displayed in tree-mode.

You can also programatically force the tree mode display:
TChartEditForm.SaveOption( TeeMsg_TreeMode, True );

Pie and Donut series

* Gradient 3D property

Pie and Donut slices can now be filled in 3D mode, using a Gradient property.
Series1.Gradient.Visible:= True;

Point3D series

* Lines to floor

New TChartPen property to optionally draw lines from 3D xyz points to chart floor.
Series1.BaseLine.Visible:= True;

Chart Canvas

* Full 360 degree rotation in GDI mode

Last released version 6 provided 180 degree rotation in normal Windows GDI mode.
Version 7 now delivers full 360 degree rotation, thus allowing viewing charts from back perspective.
Chart1.View3DOptions.Rotation := 220 ; // back view

* Vector fonts (pending)

Chart Series Groups

Series can now be "grouped" in logical sets.
Any Series can be assigned to pertain to zero, one or more groups.
Series Groups are optionally displayed at Chart Editor dialog and ChartListBox control.
var g1,g2:TSeriesGroup;

g1:=Chart1.SeriesList.AddGroup('First group');

g2:=Chart1.SeriesList.AddGroup('Second group');

ChartEditor1.Options:= ChartEditor1.Options+[ceGroups];

Chart Gallery

* Smoothing ( Based on "Resample" code from Anders Melander and others )

New Chart Gallery option displays charts with "smoothing" effect.
ChartGalleryPanel1.Smooth:= True ;

Compare the two pictures below. The left one is showing a smooth gallery.

You can also use a global method to smooth your custom bitmap images.
uses TeCanvas;

var B : TBitmap;
B.Width:=Image1.Picture.Bitmap.Width div 2;
B.Height:=Image1.Picture.Bitmap.Height div 2;
SmoothStrecth(Image1.Picture.Bitmap, B);

* Miscellaneous

New methods to get from and save to registry the gallery Smooth mode:
DefaultSmooth and SaveSmooth.

Exporting Formats

* SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

New exporting format available to export charts to SVG format.

Note: For the link below to display properly you'll need to install in your machine either the free Adobe SVG Viewer, Corel's viewer, JASC WebDraw or use Microsoft Internet Explorer.

* Click to open TeeChart_Example.svg file.
* View example SVG source.
* Go to SVG homepage

* PDF improvements

The TPDFCanvas object now provides several enhancements to PDF exporting.
A partnership with DynamicPDF company offers server PDF charting and more.

* GIF and LZW compression Unisys patent.

According to Unisys at , patent on LZW compression has expired worldwide except in some particular countries.
Check the above link to verify your license rights to use LZW compression in your location.
The TeeChart version 7 now permits usage of LZW ( TeeGIF unit and editor dialog ).

All Series with "Pointer" property

The TSeriesPointer class now includes a Transparency property.
Many series styles like Line, Area, Point, Point3D, Polar, Bubble, Gantt, Bezier, etc have a Pointer property.
Series1.Pointer.Transparency := 50 ;

Candle and Arrow series, although providing a Pointer property, do not support Transparency as they draw points using their own method.

All Series

New MandatoryAxis function that returns the chart axis associated with the series (vertical axis in series mandatory value list is Y, and horizontal axis in mandatory value list is X ).

Series1.MandatoryAxis.LabelsFont.Color := clRed ;

Chart SeriesList property

New ClearValues method to remove all values from all series in chart, thus leaving all series empty.

Chart1.SeriesList.ClearValues ;

TSmoothingFunction and TBSpline class

Removed limitation on number of source points to calculate smooth points.
(Fixed size arrays have been converted to dynamic arrays).

Warning: Smoothing more than 500 points can be a very slow operation.

New Series styles

* Bubble3D, derived from TPoint3D series.
New bubble series that adds a "Z" value for each bubble point.
Requires OpenGL rendering to correctly visualize solid 3D bubbles.

Fixed bugs

* TBollingerFunction
Calling Clear on series with Bollinger now clears the two Bollinger line series instead of just one line.

* Canvas Custom drawing
Custom drawing could sometimes display text with shadows or outlines.

* Zoom pen
The Chart1.Zoom.Pen.SmallDots property did not work.

* Canvas EllipseWithZ and Pie3D methods
Improved distortion on big (ie: printed) Pie and Ellipse drawings.

* TCustom3DPaletteSeries
Fixed loosing the PaletteStyle property when cloning series.

* Tower series
Added Assign method to support cloning.

* Series1.DataSources
This property is now of type "TDataSourcesList" class.
Calling the Add, Delete and Clear methods will call the internal series methods. This avoids an access violation when closing or destroying.

* Legend
When the legend is behind the chart (using Legend HorizMargin or VertMargin properties), Chart1.OnClickSeries was not working correctly.


* Teetree2 is now avialable for those who hold a current TeeChart Pro v7 license. This tree building component is a worthy addition for any developer working with Delphi. Follow the link to find out more about what TeeTree2 has to offer.
Chart Axes

* Labels can be fully customized using Items[ ] array property.
This makes easier to customize axis labels without using events like OnGetAxisLabel, etc.
Also, each label item is a full object with properties like Color, Font, etc.

Chart1.Axes.Left.Items.Add( 123, 'Hello' );

* Axes can be positioned along the Z (depth) direction when showing in 3D mode:

Chart1.Axes.Left.ZPosition := 100;

* Axes can have Offsets (in pixels) for both Minimum and Maximum scales:

Chart1.Axes.Left.MaximumOffset := 4 ;
Chart1.Axes.Left.MinimumOffset := 4 ;

* Axis labels are now individual objects derived from TeeShape object.
By default they are set to transparent, and can be configured to display a filled background, shadow, gradient, etc.

Chart1.Axes.Left.LabelsFormat.Color := clYellow ;

* Axis in Logarithmic mode now accept floating point values for Logarithmic base.
This allows, for example, setting a logarithmic axis of base "e" ( e = Exp(1) = 2.71...)

Chart1.Axes.Left.Logarithmic := True ;
Chart1.Axes.Left.LogarithmicBase := Exp(1) ; // 2.71...

* New PositionUnits property to specify PositionPercent as percentage or pixels.


* Charts can be rotated 180 degrees along the horizontal (x) axis.
In previous versions, canvas was allowed to rotate 90 degrees only.
Using OpenGL charts can be fully rotated 360 degree.
Example to show how to "auto-hide" left and right walls while rotating the chart.

* The center position of Radial gradients can be customized with the new Gradient.RadialX and RadialY properties:

Chart1.Walls.Back.Gradient.RadialX := 123;
Chart1.Walls.Back.Gradient.RadialY := -321;

* Gradients provide a Balance property to apply more Start or more End colors:

Chart1.Walls.Back.Gradient.Balance := 40; // %, default is 50 %

* Canvas include new properties, methods and new overload methods:

Chart1.Canvas.FontZoom := 110; // % global font size zoom

Chart1.Canvas.Rectangle( R );

Chart1.Canvas.StretchDraw( R, Bitmap, Z ); // 3D stretch of pictures

Chart1.Canvas.Line( P0, P1 ); // P0 and P1 are TPoint

Chart1.Canvas.PolyLine( [P0,P1,P2...] );

Chart1.Canvas.PolyLine( [P0,P1,P2...] , Z); // for 3D

Chart1.Canvas.Pixels[x,y] := clRed; // now is read-write

Chart1.Canvas.RotatedEllipse( Left,Top,Right,Bottom,Z,Angle );

// returns if points are faced to viewer
TeeCull( P0,P1,P2 ):Boolean;

PointAtDistance( FromPoint, ToPoint, Distance ):TPoint;

* Anti-Aliasing.
Example of use of TeeAntiAlias procedure, to smooth curved lines on screen display.

* Rotated Ellipses.
New Canvas RotatedEllipse method to draw ellipses in 3D mode with rotation.

* Polyline method.
New Canvas Polyline method to draw multiple lines at once, passing an array of TPoint.

* StretchDraw 3D.
New Canvas method to display a bitmap in 3D mode with rotation.

* RichText drawing.
Example showing how to display RTF (RichText) formatted text over a Chart Canvas.

* OrthogonalAngle now supports from 0 to 180 degree.

Chart Legend

* Legend symbols can now display using a customized border.
By default, legend symbols use the Series border.

Chart1.Legend.Symbol.DefaultPen := False ;
Chart1.Legend.Symbol.Pen.Color := clRed ;

* Legend symbols can now be "squared" (same width as height).

Chart1.Legend.Symbol.Squared := True ;

Chart Walls

* The four chart walls now support transparency, even with gradient filling:

Chart1.Walls.Left.Transparency := 70 ; // % of transparency

* The Back wall can now be filled with an image in 3D display mode (orthogonal or not).

Chart Panel

* New Border pen and BorderRound properties,
to draw borders around chart panel in rectangular or rounded mode.
This new Border is drawn outside the current bevels.
The old "BorderStyle" property is now obsolete.

Chart1.Border.Color := clBlue ;
Chart1.BorderRound := 50 ; // pixels

* Chart Margins can be expressed as percentage or pixels.

Chart1.MarginUnits := muPixels ;
Chart1.MarginLeft := 10 ; // <--- 10 pixels

* Chart Panel now includes a Shadow property.

Chart1.Shadow.VertSize := 6 ;

All Series

* All Series styles now provide OnMouseEnter and OnMouseLeave events.
These events are triggered when the mouse enters and exits a series point.

* All Series now provide a new method to order points by their corresponding "Label" (point text):

Series1.SortByLabels( loAscending ); // default is ascending

All Series Marks

* Series Marks new CallOut property, to change the appearance of lines connecting marks to series points.
New styles: Callout, rectangle, ellipse... and new properties: size, brush, distance.

Series1.Marks.ArrowShape.Style := asArrowHead ;

* Series Marks can now be individually customized (font, color, etc)

with Series1.Marks[3] do

Bar and Horizontal Bar Series

* Bar and Horizontal Bar series provide a new stacking style to display a single series "self stacked".


* New bar style: "bsBevel" and BevelSize property, to draw a rectangular bevel (in 2D and orthogonal 3D modes only).

Bubble Series

* Bubble series can now fill points using a gradient, with a default "radial" gradient style.

Series1.Pointer.Gradient.Visible := True ;

* Bubble Transparency

Series1.Transparency := 50 ;

* Small code to adjust left and rigth margins for Bubble charts:

var tmp : Integer;
with Series1 do // (Series1 is a Bubble series)
tmp := GetVertAxis.CalcSizeValue(RadiusValues.First);
GetHorizAxis.MinimumOffset := tmp;
tmp : =GetVertAxis.CalcSizeValue(RadiusValues.Last);
GetHorizAxis.MaximumOffset := tmp;

Candle Series

* New drawing style "csLine" to display a simple line using Close values.

ColorGrid Series

* ColorGrid series can now display Marks.

Series1.Marks.Visible := True ;

* ColorGrid can be displayed in "centered mode".
This mode means cells will correspond to grid values. This is now the default mode.
Previous version was "non-centered", thus eliminating one top-side row and one right-side column.

Series1.CenteredPoints := True ;

* ColorGrid now accepts a Bitmap image as a datasource of grid values

var tmp : TBitmap;
// temporary bitmap:

Contour Series

* Contour series calculation of "levels" now provide a collection of "segments" (lines) per level.
Each segment is composed of normal XY points.
This permits mouse hit detection (Clicked function) and OnMouseEnter events.

* A new property "Smoothing" draws level lines using a fitting spline function:

Series1.Smoothing.Active := True ;

* New event in Contour series "OnBeforeDrawLevel".
This event is called just before each contour level is going to be displayed.
One example of use is to change the level Pen for some particular level lines.

FastLine Series

* FastLine series now supports null points and can draw in "stairs" mode:

Series1.SetNull( 123 ); // <-- make null (empty) point index 123
Series1.IgnoreNulls := False; // <-- allow null points
Series1.Stairs := True; // <-- set "stairs" mode

Pie Series

* Pie series marks are now automatically positioned to avoid overlap as much as possible.

Series1.AutoMarkPosition := True ;

* New Pie Legend property to display "other" pie slice sub-elements in an extra legend

Series1.OtherSlice.Legend.Visible := True ;

* New property to draw Pie slice borders using each slice color (instead of same Pen color for all slices)

Series1.DarkPen := True ;

Polar & Radar Series

* New Gradient property to fill polar (and radar) interior.

* New DrawZone method to fill circular background portions.

* Support for Logarithmic axis.

Surface Series

* Surface series can now display cells with transparency:

Series1.Transparency := 50 ;

All 3D Series

* All 3D Series (surface, contour, colorgrid, etc) include a new method
to add a bi-dimensional array (x by z grid of values).

var A : TArrayGrid; // = array of array of double
x,z : Integer;
SetLength( A, 5, 7 ) ;
for x:=0 to 4 do
for z:= 0 to 6 do
A[x,z] := Random ;
Series1.AddArray( A );

* Custom Colors for individual points are no longer overriden by ColorRange or ColorPalette.

* Small routine to perform "gridding".
The "Gridding" algorithm creates a regular grid (ie: surface) from arbitrary floating xyz points.

Chart Tools

* Annotation Callout
The annotation tool now provides a "Callout" sub-property, to display a line and a pointer shape, from the annotation to a given XY coordinate.

* ColorLine 3D
The ColorLine tool can optionally display the 3D part of the line (when in 3D display mode).

New Style property to automatically display a line at axis Minimum, Center or Maximum.

* Rotate Outline
New pen property in Rotate tool to display a wireframe chart outline while rotating (while mouse is pressed), to avoid repainting the whole chart when rotating it.

ChartTool1.Pen.Visible := True ;

Database Chart

* Automatic Summary Order.
Summaries from databases can now be automatically sorted (in ascending or descending order) by summary calculation (value) or by summary group (text).
The summary editor dialog includes new comboboxes to configure ordering at design-time or run-time.

Series1.XValueSource := '#SORTASC#GroupField' ;
Series1.YValues.ValueSource := '#SUM#ValueField' ;

* Crosstab source component.
Enables displaying a multi-series chart from a DataSet, grouping by a desired field.

Chart Editor

* Example to show how to hide datasets in chart editor (series datasource tab)

* New "RememberPosition" boolean property to persist the chart editor dialog position at runtime into registry.

* New Series property to show desired Series editor when setting DefaultTab property to "General" or "Marks".

ChartGrid component

Grid 3D mode

ChartGrid component can now display XYZ series (3D series) data in "grid mode", instead of showing xyz data as three columns.

ChartGrid1.Series:=Series1; // <-- must be XYZ grid series
ChartGrid1.Grid3DMode:=True ;

New Chart Tools

3D Transpose tool

3D Transpose tool "rotates" any 3D series 90 degrees.
It does exchange x with z values.
Works with any Grid3D series (surface, etc).

A similar visual effect can also be obtained setting the Bottom and Depth axes Inverted
property to True, although the transpose tool modifies the real xyz data.

Extra Legend tool

ExtraLegend tool displays additional legend objects.
The tool has a Series property to display legend with series values and / or texts.

Series Animation tool

The SeriesAnimation tool displays an animated growing chart:


Gantt Mouse dragging tool

New tool ( GanttTool ) offers mouse interaction to drag and resize Gantt bars.

Grid Bands tool

The GridBand tool enables filling axis grid space with alternate color bands, each one using a different brush.

Pie focus tool

Displays a border around pie slice currently under mouse cursor.

New Components


New XML source component, to import xml data from files or web URL's into chart series.
The XML format to import data is the same as when exporting chart series data to XML.
Use of MSXML DOM activex object is done as late-bound, to avoid using typelibraries.
Please follow this web link for a Tutorial on using TeeXMLSource component.

The examples show how import one series from a Memo containing xml data,
and one full Chart from a URL pointing to a file with several series data in xml format.

* TDBCrossTabSource

Enables creating crosstab charts from database datasets at design-time and runtime.

New Tee Functions

Smoothing Spline function

The new Smoothing function interpolates points using a B-Spline algorithm.
Several properties control the Spline calculation.
The smoothed points can optionally pass just exactly over the source points.

Custom y=f(x) function

New Custom function to calculate y = f(x) values using an OnCalculate event:

procedure TForm1.TeeFunction1Calculate(Sender: TCustomTeeFunction;
const x: Double; var y: Double);
y: = Sin(x / 10);

Compression OHLC (Candle) function

Compression function calculates high and low values for a group of points.
Results are plotted using a Candle series.

Suitable for displaying Candle OHLC data "weekly", "monthly", etc.

Cross Points function

CrossPoints function calculates XY coordinates for crossing points of source line series.
The example shows a yellow line Series3 with points where Series1 and Series2 cross.

CLV (Accumulation/Distribution) financial function

OBV (On Balance Volume) financial function

CCI (Commodity Channel Index) financial function

PVO (Percentage Volume Oscillator) financial function

Performance function

Performance function calculate the percentage of difference between each source point and the first source point.
Calculation starts always at zero.

New Series styles

Point & Figure (financial)

Horizontal Area

Vector 3D

Tower 3D

Gauges (Instrumentation indicators)

New Export formats

Adobe Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format)

PostScript format (EPS)


* Delphi 7 support.

* Delphi 3 support removed

* Several Property aliases

* Fixed bugs

* StringGrid data to Chart example

* Removed TeeProcs functions MaxLong, MinLong, MaxDouble and MinDouble.
Replaced with equivalents Min and Max from Borland's Math unit.

* New Series1.Clicked overload method (accepts a TPoint instead of x,y)

* New function Series1.YValues.ToString( 123 )
Same as calling: FloatToStr( Series1.YValues[123] )

* Removed grid size limit in all 3D series (was 2000 x 2000).
Internal xyz grid data is stored into dynamically growing arrays, with no limit on size.

* Shadow object now provides transparency.
TTeeShadow class is used by many other classes.

* Area series displays Gradients when in Stairs mode.

* New Series1.SetNull(123) method
Equivalent to set: Series1.ValueColor[123]:=clNone

* Removed special define TEENOCHECKOVER
This define is no longer necessary. See below the new FastCalc property.

* New Chart1.Axes.FastCalc property (to use fast assembler code)
This property enables axis calculations (from values to screen pixels), using a faster code in assembler. Suitable for FastLine real-time charts.

* Annotation tool now has TextAlignment (left , center or right)

* Export data formats (Text,XML,HTML, etc) can now export series point Colors.

* TeeCommander new property: EnablePieExploding (boolean, default True).
This new property controls whether Pie series will be exploded or not when dragging pie slices with the mouse.

* Axis LogarithmicBase property is now of type "double", thus allowing for example logarithmic axis of base "e" (2.71...)

* ADX function provides two new properties of type TChartPen: DownLinePen and UpLinePen, to control display of ADX upper and lower lines.

* Candle series improvement in Clicked function. Now correctly calculates if mouse XY is over a candle or candle-stick point.

* ColorPalette[ ] array (TeeProcs.pas unit) is now a dynamic array variable to allow changing colors and expand the number of predefined colors for points and series. (ie: When Series ColorEachPoint is True).

* Histogram series now correctly implements Clicked function, for mouse hit detection, etc.

* Bar and Horiz. Bar Series with "Rect.Gradient" style, display in 3D too.

* OnClick event at Axis Arrow tool.

* Donut series can now display in 3D.

* Canvas provides new method to draw images with 3D rotation. (StretchDraw)
The Chart BackImage (in Inside mode), ColorGrid series and ChartImage tool benefit from this new method.

* TeeChart Wizard now installed at Delphi / C++ Builder Help menu.
It now allows loading Chart templates (*.tee files) at design-time for better reusability.

* Transparency and export / print preview support in OpenGL canvas.
5.03 Upgrade

New features since version 5.02

* Borland C++ Builder 6 support
This release supports C++ Builder 6.

* Fast Delete multiple points
The Series Delete method can now delete multiple points in a single call, much faster than deleting them using a loop.

* FastLine series, more speed.
When using FastLine series in real-time mode, a new property FastPen increases drawing speed a lot.
A new example shows FastPen combined with above new Delete method.
Note: FastPen does not apply to Windows 95,98 and Me.

* Gantt Mouse tool
This new tool enables dragging and resizing Gantt bars.

* Area Series
Now supports Gradient filling.

* TeeFont Gradient
Fonts (of big sizes) can be filled using a gradient.

* New component: TComboFlat
ComboBox with "flat" style.

* New translations to languages:
TeeGalician, TeeSlovene, TeeNorwegian, TeeTurkish, TeePolish, TeeJapanese, TeeHungarian, TeeArabic, TeeHebrew, TeeUkrainian, TeeKorean.

* New component: TeeInspector
Very simple "Inspector" like panel.

* New Chart Tool: DragPoint
Previously included in TeeChartOffice. Located at TeeDragPoint.pas unit.

* New class: TChartImage.
This class registers itself in the VCL mechanism as a new graphic format, to support loading *.tee files containing TeeCharts into standard VCL TImage components.

* Big Speed optimization in Contour Series.

* DrawLine tool now enables "parallel" line style.

* Series DataSource editor dialog.
Now includes a ChartGrid component to allow manually edit a single series data.

* Design-time manually data stored.
Series now store into the DFM their data if it has been manually entered using the Chart editor.

Fixed Bugs 5.03

* Pie Series: Fixed (improved) Pie Clicked function when Pie is shown in 3D.

* All 3D Series: Fixed Color Palette generation (Series Surface,Contour, Map,etc).
Palette starts now at Series Minimum Y Value.

* Legend: Large Horizontal Legend with CheckBoxes does not override bounds.

* Logarithmic Axes: Fixed exception when calculating logarithmic axis positions before the chart was first time displayed.

* Bar Series: Fixed bug in Bar series with CustomBarWidth > 0 and BarWidthPercent = 100.

* Transparency: All Transparency properties are now published into DFM and *.tee streams.

* Polar / WindRose: New Color button in Polar and WindRose editor dialogs, for better management and understanding of brush colors.

* Right Axis: Fixed OnClickAxis event for Right Axis in 3D mode.

Miscellaneous changes since version 5.02

* TeeDrawCheckBox procedure has been moved from Chart.pas unit to TeeProcs.pas unit.

* Improved Pie Series "Clicked" function in 3D.

* Change in RSI Function calculation when using Close prices only.

* Speed optimization in TeeBlend (transparency object).

* TCustomChartNavigator class has been renamed to TCustomTeeNavigator due to allow share it with TeeTree.

* ChartPreview procedure has been moved from TeePrevi.pas unit to TeeEdiGene.pas unit (because TeePrevi is shared with TeeTree).

* New unit: TeeExport.pas: All common code in TeExport.pas ("TeE") has been moved to this new TeeExport unit ("Tee").
The reason is now TeeExport is shared with TeeTree, while "TeExport" contains TeeChart-only related code.

* TeeImageConstants.pas unit has been removed. Its contents are now included in TeeProCo.pas unit.

* Other minor changes and optimizations all around.