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Release Notes 2nd May 2023
TeeChart for JavaScript v3.0
Sourcecode version 2023.

See.New feature and bug fix list v3.0

Major change for this version is the condensing of teechart-extras.js and teechart.animations.js to teechart.js

Release Notes 26th Sept 2022
TeeChart for JavaScript v2.9
Sourcecode version 2022.

See.New feature and bug fix list v2.9

Release Notes 11th April 2022
TeeChart for JavaScript v2.8
Sourcecode version 2022.

Announcing availability of pre-release ES6 encoded version of the
TeeChart for Javascript Library,. The new version offers dynamic
loading of the TeeChart charting modules.

Release Notes 26th April 2021
TeeChart for JavaScript v2.7
Sourcecode version 2021.

See.New feature and bug fix list v2.7

- [2417] New Legend table demo
- [2416] New ValuePercent format for Legend and Marks
- [2415] OnBeforeDrawPoint callback
- [2414] New Numeric Gauge Series
- [2413] Realtime Marks property

Release Notes 28th May 2020
TeeChart for JavaScript v2.6
Sourcecode version 2020.

See. New feature and bug fix list

- [ 2335 ] New Layout map
- [ 2332 ] Async improvements for Annotation - Tip rendering
- [ 2331 ] New callback OnBeforeDrawPointer
- [ 2325 ] New onbeforedrawLegendItem event
- [ 2324 ] Support for number superscript and subscript
- [ 2243 ] Memory leak in Android and iOS
- [ 2322 ] New Not Close Polygon Option Area Series
- [ 2319 ] Panning in Android
- [ 2263 ] Crash when resizing form under macOS 64 bit
- [ 2210 ] Draw pie slices anticlockwise
- [ 2136 ] EContext3DException when running on Android
- [ 2171 ] Pie Gradient Colors too pale
- [ 2046 ] zoom rectangle keeps following mouse when you release out of the chart area
- [ 2056 ] Angular support example added
- [ 2030 ] Added sorting draw method for series.
- [ 1825 ] Invert scale not working with scale values lower then zero.
- [ 1956 ] time bar does not reflect the zoom in/out changes
- [ 662 ] Crash when area is zero
- [ 1995 ] ToolTip findPoint.
- [ 1994 ] ActivityGauge changes.
- [ 1993 ] "axis" animation with series using "both" axes

Release Notes 9th July 2018
TeeChart for JavaScript v2.5
Sourcecode version 2018.


New features/change summary

- [1956] Time bar does not reflect the zoom in/out changes. Fixed
- [1825] Invert scale not working with scale values lower then zero. Fixed.
- [2030] Added sorting draw method for series. New feature
- [2056] Angular plugin support example added

Release Notes 16th Feb 2018
TeeChart for JavaScript v2.4
Sourcecode version 2018.


New features/change summary

- [1976] Uncaught RangeError when having many points in a series. Fixed
- [1984] Error when Annotations/Marks had items inside. Fixed.
- [1993] "axis" animation failing to correctly modify right & top axes when using "both" axes. Fixed.
- [1994] ActivityGauge improvements.
- [1995] ToolTip findPoint. New property fixes tooltips to nearest points when moving.

Release Notes 4th Jan 2018
TeeChart for JavaScript v2.3
Sourcecode version 2018.


New features/changes summary
- [1962] Added new Activity Gauge Series Type.
- [No bug id] Added 'continuous' property to permit (or not) value interpolation between points.

Release Notes 16th Nov 2017
TeeChart for JavaScript v2.2
Sourcecode version 2017.

Detailed change list:
bug tracker issues resolved in this release, Build 2017.

Bugfixes/changes summary
- [1932/1933] Series.onclick() event didn't work in touch devices. Fixed.
- [1945] Added support for HTML in Annotation tool.

Release Notes 19th Oct 2017
TeeChart for JavaScript v2.1
Sourcecode version 2017.

bug tracker issues resolved in this release

- several improvements to the demos.
- Axis labelling improvements for small value number ranges.
- Default hover appearance changed.
- Improvements to Tooltip feedback on movement.
- [B1919] Maximum right tooltip x position not correctly adjusted for offset. Fixed.
- [B1925] UK not correctly included in map of europe. Fixed.

Release Notes 12th July 2017
TeeChart for JavaScript v2.0
Sourcecode version 2017.

- improvements to demos. Redimensioned and improved
compatibility across browsers & platforms. Menu
system foldable for smaller screens.
- improvements to axis labelling
- [B1886] Single value chart not correctly plotting
axis. Fixed.
- [B1853] Incorrect margins when having two Bar series,
one without values. Fixed.

New Features
- new touch events for zoom and scroll with tactile devices.
- new touch-slide sensitivity for tee slider in tectile devices.
- new touch sensitivity for Gauges

Release Notes 26th April 2017
TeeChart for JavaScript v1.9
Sourcecode version 2017.


1. Added image-repeat for fill render
(BarSeries patterns, etc).
2. [B1275] - Tools. Having two charts with tooltips, moving the mouse on the second
shows a tooltip in the first. Fixed.
3. [B1517] - Series. Support different origins in a Bar series.
4. [B1537] - Series. ColorEach doesn't work for Bar series when the gradient is
disabled. Fixed.
5. [B1538] - Series. Combining stacked and non stacked series doesn't work. Fixed
6. [B1552] - Tools. ToolTip traverses out of the chart if you scroll the page. Fixed
7. [B1541] - Series. Bars have a wrong width when stacked in SideAll mode and they
have a unique value. Fixed.
8. [B1542] - Axes. Having some bar series with a single point, with x value and sideAll,
only the first axis label is drawn. Fixed.
9. [No ID] - TypeScript Definition file updated to TeeChart v1.9.

New Features
1. [B731] - ShowInLegend. ShowInLegend property to hide a series from the legend.
2. [B1112] - RoundFirst (axis label) New property for Axis Labels. roundFirst.
Default True
Example Chart1.axes.left.labels.roundFirst = false;
3. [B869] - Legend Add support to configure hover font color for Legend
4. - New feature demo. Please note, not suitable for use with Google Chrome
when launched from a local disk. Works fine for all browsers when launched
via a http server.

Release Notes 2nd May 2015
TeeChart for JavaScript v1.8
Sourcecode version 2015.


1. Modifications to teechart-3D.js unit, bringing it into line with
latest version of WebGL.

Release Notes 31st July 2014
TeeChart for JavaScript v1.7
Sourcecode version 2014.

latest non-commercial source:

New Features

1. [No ID]
New InvertedStairs property.
2. [B831]
Pattern support added for Bar Series.
3. [B840]
Significant space added between the groups of bars when
4. [No Bug ID]
OnBeforeDraw Series event added to support custom output
between Axes and Series.


1. [B835]
Scrolled (divved or sectioned) chart canvas returns incorrect
mouseover x,y. Fixed.
2. [B843 - TF77016692]
Hang when dragging a point that shares the YValue with another
point. Fixed.
3. [No Bug ID]
Marks insuffiently clipped for Bar Series. Fixed.
4 [B865]
Would like Series Marks, extreme to Axis bounds to be moved wholly
within Axis space. Fix applies particularly to Tooltip texts.

Release Notes 28th April 2014
TeeChart for JavaScript v1.6
Sourcecode version 2014.

New Features

1. [B738]
Requirement that Pointer of PointXY Series not amplify
Axes' scales. New inflateMargins property added for Pointer.


1. [B407]
Using more than 1 Bar-Series in 3D-Charts (with three.js) the
1st series not displaying. Fixed.
2. [B558]
International thousand/decimal setup breaks size calcs under
some format conditions causing sporadic wider labels and
incorrect sizing calcs. Fixed.
3. [B7]
Adding a title to a vertical axis in a 3D chart crashes it. Now
4. [B583]
Zero only value series causing Axes to inhibit width allowance
for Axis Title. Fixed.
5. [B593]
WebGL Chart drops first item from Legend when set to
transparent. Fixed.
6. [B592]
WebGL Legend contents inconsistently spaced.
7. [B672]
Null values within the values should be ignored when calculating
the ranges. Fixed.
8. [B688]
Labels Rotation offsets aren't perfectly calculated. Fixed.
9. [B686]
When adding axes on the right side, there is not enough space
preserved for the axis name. Fixed.
Theme not being applied to custom axes. Corrected.

Release Notes 22nd October 2013
TeeChart for JavaScript v1.5
Sourcecode version 2013.

New Features:

1. New chart themes with demo
2. New chart palettes with demo
3. New Line series "treatNulls" property
(default = 'dontPaint', and also supported: 'skip')

Release Notes 14th December 2012
TeeChart for JavaScript v1.4
Sourcecode version 2012.

New Features:

- WebGL 3D support using Three.js library. See demo
- Tee.Surface series style. (Requires WebGL™) See demo
- Tee.Polar series style. See demo
- Tee.ColorGrid series (Heatmap). See demo

Geo Maps:

- Tee.Map series for HTML5 Canvas. See demo
- More maps included (Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, South America, etc)
- 3D Maps using WebGL™, and HTML5 GeoLocation API. See demo

New scripts:

- teechart-3d.js: Includes WebGL™ and Three.js support, 3D Surface series.


- CSS3 Animations. See demo
- New Chart Generator example, online chart creator. Run
- New Rectangle class "offset" function (x,y)
- Updated loadJSON example supporting multiple series, x values, colors, etc. See demo
- Mouse wheel support to zoom chart data (Chart1.zoom.wheel=true). Default false.
- New Chart1.zoom.keepAspect property (default false), to maintain "width to height" proportions on zooming.
- New Bar and HorizBar series stacked "side" mode (for 3D only).
- New series pointer style modes (3D only): cone, sphere and cylinder.
- Tee.Animation boolean "loop" property (default false).
- Unit and Coverage testing, using QUnit and Blanket.js. Run
- Refactoring and JSHint conformance.


- Safari / WebKit exception when drawing dashed lines
- Fixed trunc of first axis label with very small float numbers.
- Fixed display of Pie slices with negative values.
- Improved clipping of chart data rectangle area, using chart axes stroke size.
- Several fixes for Internet Explorer 8.

Release Notes 9th November 2012
TeeChart for JavaScript v1.3
Sourcecode version 2012.

New Features:

-Tee.Data script for multi-dimensional charting and pivot-tables. See Tutorial and demos.
-Tee.Map geo charting (World, Europe, USA States, etc) for SVG and Canvas. See demo
-Initial support for Microsoft Windows 8 RT JavaScript applications
-Microsoft TypeScript definitions for TeeChart. See Demo. See Definitions.

New Features in Tee.Animations:

-New Tee.SeriesAnimation "kind" styles. See demo
-Multiple-series now supported in Tee.SeriesAnimation.
-New sequential/parallel animations. See demo
-New Animation "mode" property (default "linear", can be "exponential")
-New FadeAnimation and MarksAnimation objects. See demo

New Features in Tee.ToolTip:

-New "render" property (default "dom") to switch between using canvas-painted tips or DOM HTML divs.
-Embedding charts inside mouse tips. See demo

New Features in Chart Legend:

-Two-column support, and left/right text alignment per column
-New Legend.margin property (default 5, percentage of legend size).
-New property (default "rectangle", can be "line")

New Features in Tee.Slider:

-Slider (scrollbar) now supports mouse click/touch at scrollbar background (clickAt function)

New Features in Gauges:

-Support for multiple gauge "hands" (Gauge1.hands[] property, and addHand function)
-New Gauge1.animate property to perform animations when Gauge1.value is changed using setValue
-New Tee.Clock object to create live watches using Tee.Gauge. See demo

-New Gauge1.ticksBack and minorBack "radius" property (default 0).
-New Gauge1.minor.shape property (default "", can be "ellipse")
-New Gauge1.format.padding property (default 0.5%)

Other new Features:

-Chart.Zoom.onreset event (called after dragging up-left)
-Axis.Labels.wordWrap property (default "no", can be "auto" / "yes" / "no")
-Axis.Labels.valueFormat property, to use native toLocaleString to format numeric labels
-Axis.Labels.ongetlabel event to allow custom text and formatting for individual labels. See demo
-Series.Marks.showZero property to not paint zero-value marks. (default true)
-Improved "null" and NaN Series points support (null / NaN points aren't displayed).
-Series.isNull(index) function, returns true if index'th point is null
-Series.valueFormat property, to use native toLocaleString to format numeric marks
-Series.markPos(index, point) function, returns p.x and p.y position for index'th mark
-Chart.Axes.transparency property (default 0, from 0 to 100%)
-Bar and HorizBar series barStyle property (default "bar", can be "ellipse" or "line")
-Bar and HorizBar series Marks.location property (default "end", can be "center" or "start")


-Animation objects have been moved to "teechart-animations.js" script.
-Improved support for Internet Explorer v8 and v7 using ExCanvas
-Removed tooltip.js script. It is now included inside teechart.js.


-Format.Font transparency fixed (when drawing text over already-transparent content)

Release Notes 30th September 2012
TeeChart for JavaScript v1.2
Sourcecode version 2012.

New Features:

-Embarcadero HTML5 Builder supported.
-Visual Studio 2012 supported.
-Axis Labels new "ongetlabel" event to supply custom label texts and formatting. (See axes/customlabels.htm demo).
-Bar and HorizBar series: New "offset" percentage property to customize bar positions. (Series1.offset=25;)
-Canvas dashed lines, now supported in Chrome/Canary browsers (Chart1.panel.format.border.dash=[2,2];).
-New Title and Footer "expand" boolean property, to align title backgrounds to panel (See basic/TitleFooter.htm demo).


-Tee.Chart "onDraw" event method has been renamed to "ondraw" (all lowercase).
-Bar and HorizBar series: default "barSize" value changed from 100% to 70%.


-Bar and HorizBar series, fixed several bugs using properties: "useOrigin", "sideMargins".

-Axis Grid "centered" did not paint the first grid line (the one closer to axis minimum).

-Right-aligned text now painting correctly positioned.

Release Notes 26th June 2012
TeeChart for JavaScript v1.1
Sourcecode version 2012.06.1.1

New Features:

1. JQuery Plugin: Initial version of a JQuery plugin.

2. New Series Styles:
- Volume
- Gantt
- Gauges

3. Node.js: Source code teechart.js is node-compatible (identical at client and server).

4. New properties:

- Format.Gradient.offset (x y) (default 0,0) Applies to radial gradients only
- DragTool.series (default null) Defines a single series to drag. When null, all series
can be dragged.
- CursorTool.followMouse (boolean) (default true) Moving the mouse also moves the cursor.
- ToolTip.autoRedraw (boolean) (default true) When the tooltip hides automatically, also
repaint the chart.
- SeriesAnimation.kind (string) (default "axis") Additional animation styles ("left", "top"
or "axis")
- Chart.Zoom.direction (string) (default "both") Allow zoom in "horizontal", "vertical" or
"both" directions.
- Axis.custom (boolean) (default false) Enables unlimited custom axis in the same chart,
using the new Axes "add" method.
- Axis.start (percent) (default 0) Defines the starting position of axis, as percentage on
chart width or height.
- Axis.end (percent) (default 100) Defines the ending position of axis, as percentage on
chart width or height.
- CustomSeries.hover.line (boolean) (default false) When true, enables mouse hover effect
on lines connecting series pointers.

5. Other changes:

- Format.ellipse now uses arc method instead of bezierCurve.
- Improvements in date-time axis labelling.
- Axis handling of NaN and -NaN values.
- Fixed bug (endless loop) when painting axis labels with very small data values.
- Legend highlights items on mouse over.
- Mouse capture on Firefox (allows scrolling or zooming chart dragging the mouse outside
chart bounds).

6. New functions:

- function pointInLine(point, lineStart, lineEnd, tolerance)
Returns true when point {xy} is over line segment.

- Chart1.axes.add(horiz {true or false}, other {true of false})
Adds a new custom axis (horizontal or vertical) at left/bottom or top/left edge.

Release Notes 16th April 2012
TeeChart for Javascript v1.0
Sourcecode version 2012.04.1.0
Please send feedback to:

This first pre-release version of the TeeChart for Javascript library,
written in 100% Javascript is intended for compatibility with all environments
that support the HTML5 Canvas.

First release version. Feature overview

Main features

TeeChart for Javascript is a 100% javascript TeeChart library that plots charts to all compatible
browsers in native javascript format using the HTML5 Canvas.

TeeChart for Javascript is available as a standalone product and as an export format across the
TeeChart product range. Both formats enable HTML5 live in-browser charts as a visualisation format
for a selected range of TeeChart data series types. Other series types, not supported in the
dynamic model, may be output to browsers as static HTML5 charts. See for more
details of the HTML5 specfication.


TeeChart for Javascript Live charts support zoom and scroll, a variety of interactive mouse-click
events and finger-touch sensitivity on mobile devices.

Supported Series Types

TeeChart Series Types currently supporting live-format html5 export are:

Candle (OHLC)

Release Notes 27th March 2012
TeeChart for Javascript v1.0
Sourcecode version 2012.0.0.1
Please send feedback to:

This first pre-release version of the TeeChart for Javascript library,
written in 100% Javascript is intended for compatibility with all environments
that support the HTML5 Canvas.