TeeChart Pro ActiveX Control (for Visual Studio, Internet Explorer, COM, etc)


TeeChart Pro ActiveX version is royalty free for use in compiled applications only. That means that you may distribute your programs compiled with TeeChart incurring no royalty fee. You may not distribute TeeChart compiled classes to enable its use as a development tool or to create software programs. Please refer to Steema Software for any special requirements you may have.


The Author cannot and does not guarantee that any functions contained in the Software will meet your requirements, or that its operations will be error free. The entire risk as to the Software performance or quality, or both, is solely with the user and not the Author. You assume responsibility for the selection of the component to achieve your intended results, and for the installation, use, and results obtained from the Software. The Author makes no warranty, either implied or expressed, including with-out limitation any warranty with respect to this Software documented here, its quality, performance, or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall the Author be liable to you for damages, whether direct or indirect, incidental, special, or consequential arising out the use of or any defect in the Software, even if the Author has been advised of the possibility of such damages, or for any claim by any other party. All other warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are expressly excluded.

A closer Look

" may distribute your programs compiled with TeeChart code incurring no royalty fee..."

What license do I need?

The TeeChart Pro Developer license permits one developer to develop with TeeChart Pro. A TeeChart Pro Web-Server run-time license is required only for a Server publishing access to a scripted Charting application, ie. TeeChart scriptable via an ASP script, DLL, ActiveX Usercontrol or equivalent server module. A webserver license is not required if the server only provides Codebase access for downloading the TeeChart Control.

Applied compiled application scenario

The license allows the inclusion of the teechart.ocx file (and user help) with a compiled application. The conditions of license do not permit that TeeChart classes/properties/methods are made available in an application that may be used to further program with those classes. That type of application would be considered a 'development' tool (rather like Visual Basic itself, or Visual C++) and users of that application would be considered TeeChart developers and be thus subject to require a TeeChart developer license. An application compiled as a DLL with access to TeeChart properties would be an example of an application requiring TeeChart licensing when distributed. If that DLL is a server module only used for a web based application see the section below "Web server licenses".

Applied Web browser scenario

Clients using the Control served by a Web Server (via Codebase or similar) are not subject to purchase of a TeeChart license depending on the condition of use described here. In the case of a web browser application for which the TeeChart component is included as a clientside control (with OBJECT Codebase or similar) it is not possible to physically control 'application on-developability' as the TeeChart component is inherently an API that could be scripted or 'on-developed with' in a browser page. We rely on the application developer to make it clear to his/her clientbase that the Control may only be used within the confines of his/her application. Any further scripting with the TeeChart Component would require a developer license by the scripter.

Web server runtime licenses

A TeeChart Web Server license is required for each web server serving the Control with a serverside scriptable module (eg. ASP, ISAPI DLL, VB Usercontrol). We recognise that there are some technical advantages to using a compiled UserControl as an ActiveX Control or DLL housing the TeeChart Control serverside rather than use of ASP (namely availibility of TeeChart events serverside). For this specific use of TeeChart we treat the compiled Control, when housing a Server based process only, as eligible for a Web Server runtime license and exempt from any additional royalties beyond the basic requirements already outlined in this section. Web Server licenses are available as a separate product to the Developer license, available only to licensees of at least one registered Developer license.


  • Assumes ownership of at least 1 developer license by licensee
  • Licensing applies to web server installations of the licensee's application only
  • Requires one license per web server housing the licensee's application
  • Intended that development of scripting of the TeeChart module is restricted to the bounds of the licensee's application
  • The TeeChart Control may be made available (ie. as codebase) for distribution to unlimited client browsers
  • Clients (ie. browser locations) or servers where Charting code is on-developed should own a developer license

Controlling usage of distributed TeeChart ocx files

TeeChart does not include .LIC files to control distribution and neither is there a way to control usage by an installed client in different development environments. We rely on the developer / distributor of a Charting application informing his / her customer base. The installed client should be made aware that any other development using the TeeChart Control requires a developer license and, if on-development is the case, non-ownership of such a license would be an infringement of the TeeChart licensing agreement even if the Control has been prior installed for use with a license compliant compiled application.

Pure Charting application

The license does not permit the distribution of a Control that is a pure Charting control by its nature and may be deemed as competing directly in the same market as TeeChart. The licensors of TeeChart reserve the right of interpretation.

Follow this link to read the complete end-user license agreement (EULA)