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Release Notes 6th November 2019
TeeBI for Delphi version 2019
Build 1.4.2019.1106

Follow this link to: Bugfixes/changes

Release Notes 27th December 2018
TeeBI for Delphi version 2018
Build 1.4.2018.1220
New Features

1) Support for Rad Studio 10.3 Rio.
2) Supporting TeeChart Standard/Pro v2018.26

Follow this link to: Bugfixes/changes

Release Notes 14th August 2018
TeeBI for Delphi version 2018
Build 1.3.2018.0814
New Features

1) Supporting TeeChart Standard/Pro v2018.25

Follow this link to: Bugfixes/changes

Release Notes 28th March 2018
TeeBI for Delphi version 2018
Build 1.2.2018.0328
New Features

1) Support for Rad Studio 10.2.3 Tokyo.
2) Support for PostGreSQL
3) New TStringToFloat helper functions, improving TryStrToFloat
to support "thousands" separators and currency symbols.
Follow this link to: Bugfixes/changes

Release Notes 4th January 2018
TeeBI for Delphi version 2018
Build 1.1.2018.0104
New Features

1) Support for Rad Studio 10.2.2 Tokyo.
2) The version includes full support for
TeeChart Standard v2017.23 Packages.

Release Notes 27th September 2017
TeeBI for Delphi version 2017
Build 2017.170927
Follow New Features

1) This version adds new Binary installer with full
support for TeeChart Pro VCL/FMX and
TeeChart Standard VCL/FMX v2017.22 and TeeChart
Lite version.
Note that the Binary installers support from
RAD Studio XE5 to RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo.
2) The version includes full support for
TeeChart Standard v2017.22 Packages.
3) The version includes full revision of TeeBI demos.

Release Notes 28th March 2017
TeeBI for Delphi version 2017
Build Beta 18

Follow New Features

1) Support for RAD Studio XE 10.2 Tokyo.
2) New BIWeb server for Linux
(console project): BI_Linux_Web project.
3) New support for TeeGrid control instead of
default DBGrid / Grid controls.
4) New demos: Using TeeGrid.
5) Separated all TeeChart-related code from
BI.Web.Common.pas unit to a new unit: BI.Web.Common.Chart.
6) All TArray helper classes "Zero" method renamed to "Initialize".
7) Lazarus / FreePascal, use namespaces ("." in unit names)
instead of renaming them.
8) Improved / fixed support for Extended (80bit float) in
FreePascal x64 cpu.
9) Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Release Notes 12th December 2016
TeeBI for Delphi version 2016
Build Beta 17
Follow New Features

1) Due to TeeGrid new control release, TeeBI development
has been slower than expected.
2) Speed will come back again in the near future.
3) Support for RAD Studio XE 10.1 Berlin Update 2.
4) New TTeeBISource class to enable using TChart control
with TeeBI data-items. Design-time and run-time support.
5) Fixes and improvements in Wikipedia demo.
6) New "Sample Data\Stock Data" database.
7) Updated "Sample Data\Geo" database with more countries
and entities: Canada,India,Indonesia,Mexico, Netherlands,
Portugal,South Africa,South Korea,Switzerland.
8) New TDataCompare.Compare overload method to add
the differences between two TDataItem into a third TDataItem.
9) Improved support importing HTML tables, detect RowSpan attributes.
10) Improved JSON importing: Detecting the minimum numeric
type (integer, float, etc).
11) New class var EngineClass of type TJSONEngineClass to
enable using alternative libraries like SuperObject.
12) Improved XML importing.
13) New class var EngineClass of type TXMLEngineClass to
enable using alternative XML libraries like Omni, OXml etc
14) New TDataMerge methods.
15) New merges multiple TDataItem into a single one.
16) New BI.Data.Tools unit, contains "Split" and "Normalize" methods.
17) New Split property. Divides rows into two sets using several
optional parameters (random, percentage, etc).
18) Modifies a TDataItem values to "fit" into the 0..1
range (for any kind of data).
19) Extensive refactoring to TBIWorkflow component,
20) Improved design-time, several new workflow actions:
21) Fixes to TBIDataSet master-detail link mode.
22) New MasterDataLinkClass variable enables using a
custom class derived from TBIMasterDataLink.
23) Improved TBIChart control.
24) New TBITree OnExpanding event.
25) Several new editor dialogs for the TBIWorkflow different
action item classes.
26) Improved TBIGrid user interface for its "Search" functionality
27) More XE4 / XE5 specific fixes.
28) Experimental BI.Data.DB.ZeosLib plugin unit for Zeos
Database library.

Release Notes 5th October 2016
TeeBI for Delphi version 2016
Build Beta 16
Follow New Features

1) Lots of improvements for this release, and more to come.
2) Delphi 10.1 Starter Edition support.
3) Support for the free Delphi 10.1 Starter edition.
4) Geo Database.
5) New class TDataRank (at BI.Data.Rank unit).
6) New Custom Expressions example.
7) New Filtering example showing usage of the low-level
data filter classes.
8) New BIGrid simple examples.
9) New Gridify example shows TGridify and TDataRank classes
in action.
10) Import demo has a new tab to show importing data from an
HTML table tag.
11) New TDataRank example offers several combinations to create
"rankings" on data values or expressions.
12) New TDataSelect example contains several examples
of low-level.
13) New BI.Data.Compression unit implements a TCompression class
with methods to compress and decompress TStreams.
14) New Export Data dialog (VCL only, FMX soon) to copy to
clipboard or to save to a file data contents in all available
formats (CSV, JSON, XML, HTML, Excel, PDF, native, etc).
15) New unit BI.VCL.Export.RichView includes a small TDataRichView
class with methods to Add any TDataItem to a TRichView control.
16) New methods in TDataClone class (BI.DataSource unit).
17) New TDataCursor.ToData function.
18) New FloatFormat property in base class TBITextExport.
19) New FromEqual and ToEqual boolean properties in TDateTimeFilter class.
20) New TParameterExpression abstract class (in BI.Expression unit).
21) New Abs and Sign functions supported in TMathExpression.
22) New BI.Arrays.Strings unit contains a simple TStringArray
type and helper methods.
23) New TCommonUI IsURL function.
24) New TClientDatasetExport class(in BI.Data.ClientDataset unit) to export
any TDataItem to a TClientDataset.
25) New TDataKindConvert methods (in BI.Data.Convert unit) enables switching
26) Fixes for RAD Studio XE5 (some units could not be compiled).
27) Optimizations in "THops" class to reduce the number of steps.
28) BIGrid now detects changes in its source data to
refresh the grid cells in a more optimized manner
(without re-creating the grid columns).
29) TDataItem now issues broadcasts when adding, removing,
exchanging or renaming child Items,
for listeners (eg: BIGrid) to refresh their contents.
30) TBIWebClient class (BI.Web unit) now uses the new TCompression
class for compressing and decompressing web streams.
31) Several changes to improve FreePascal / Lazarus
compatibility (removed some "anonymous methods").

Release Notes 3rd August 2016
TeeBI for Delphi version 2016
Build Beta 15
Follow New Features

1) Fixed master-detail BIDataset relationships
when the key consists of multiple fields
2) New BI.Arrays.Parallel.pas unit, includes methods to
perform multi-cpu sorting of arrays using threads using
3) New "Equals" method in BI Arrays, return True
when the arrays are identical.
4) Speed improvements in QuickSort algorithm, now using an "hybrid"
approach using InsertionSort to order
small portions (16 items or less).
5) New example using the Wikipedia api to search topics,
retrieve html tables from result pages, and importing
them into TDataItem objects to present in grids, charts,
make queries, etc.
6) New example of a custom TDataProvider.
7) New expression class TTextOperandExpression, with functions:
"IndexOf", "Pad", "Split", "Insert", "Remove",
"Replace", "Count" and "SubString".
8) New TArrayExpression class, includes an
Items property (array of TExpression).
9) New TMathExpression "Power" operand.
10) New TExpression.AsString function,
returns the expression Value as string
instead of as variant.
11) New BI.Expression.DateTime.pas unit, contains optimized code
to extract parts from a TDateTime (Day, Month, Year, etc) that is
faster than SysUtils / DateUtils methods.
12) New "TechProducts" sample database.
13) Fixed "SampleData\Sqlite_demo" data file to link
with the correct "SampleData\Geo" countries database.
14) Improved importing Microsoft Access table relationships
(foreign keys), by looking the internal system table
15) Added ODBC driver support for SqlExpress engine.
16) Added support to import html table cells from html
17) New TDataDefinition component "Links" property,
a collection of TDataRelation items to define
the "Master" and "Detail" field names that
will be linked at import-time after
importing all tables.
18) New TDataLinksEditor dialog to edit the "Links"
collection in TDataManager dialog.
19) New "Reset" method in TFilterItem class,
restores filter properties to their default values
20) New "Inverted" boolean property in TFilterItem class,
to filter the opposite rows (default = False).
21) New "Text" property in TFilterItem class, contains
properties to easily define a filter for text data
22) New TNumericValue "Equal" property
(boolean, default = True).
23) Fixed TDateTimeFilter code using
Style = "This", "Last" or "Next".
24) BIGrid automatic resizing of columns based
on maximum length of cells.
25) BIGrid new "ShowItems" property to automatically
display "sub-grids" when the Data property
is a multi-table TDataItem.
26) Removed the mandatory dependency on Indy or System.Net
units (in TBIDataset and many other units).
27) Fixed missing file in beta 14: TeeBIFMXAbout.fmx
28) Fixed using Unicode string fields in TBIDataset
and displaying them on grids.
29) Renamed "TDataManager.EmbedChoose" method to "TDataManager.Embed"
30) New FMX and VCL "TUICommon.GotoURL" method,
opens the default browser with the specified
URL parameter.
31) Improved file selector dialog in DataManager, now dynamically
showing the accepted file extensions in the file type combobox
32) New "IndexOf" function at BIQuery Dimensions and
Measures collections.

Release Notes 1st July 2016
TeeBI for Delphi version 2016
Build Beta 14
Follow New Features

1) New TIfExpression, with Condition, ThenExpression
and ElseExpression expression properties.
2) New TObjectExpression, returns the value of any
property or field of any TObject.
3) Renamed TTextUnaryExpression to TUnaryTextExpression,
for consistency on other "unary" classes.
4) TSingleRecord class in new unit "BI.Data.SingleRecord",
returns a TDataItem with the current row or record of another
TDataItem as a table, with all fields in the
current record as rows in the new table.
5) A new demo showing how to use TSingleRecord
6) Fixes to be able to recompile most of TeeBI units
with latest FreePascal 3.0 and Lazarus
7) New plugin mechanism allows substituting the "real"
Tree control used by BITree to display nodes.
8) New unit "BI.VCL/FMX.Tree.TeeTree" to use TeeTree
control as plugin,
9) New unit "BI.VCL.Tree.VirtualTreeView" to use
VirtualTreeView control as plugin
10) Changing a BITree plugin can be done at
anytime "on-the-fly".
11) In VCL only new Grid menu items to display a "Detail"
grid for all TDataItem tables.
12) TStringDynArray type has been replaced with a custom
TStringArray everywhere, for FreePascal compatibility
13) Dashboards: Big refactoring of all TDashboard
related units, not yet finalized.
14) New Apache web server experimental support for BIWeb
15) 40% speed improvement for TInt32Array and TInt64Array
Sort method (inlined "swap").
16) Fixed importing CSV content with " " (space) consecutive
delimiters (automatic recognition).
17) Renamed TBIExport "ToMemTable" function to "From"
for better naming.
18) New TDataDefinition options and editor to include
or not importing Database System tables and Views.
19) Several refactorings to reduce code complexity metrics
and increment speed.
20) New AboutBox dialog for TeeBI FireMonkey components,
accessible at design-time.

Release Notes 10th June 2016
TeeBI for Delphi version 2016
Build Beta 13
Follow New Features

1) Improved detection of TeeChart version (Lite or Pro).
2) BIGrid, new "Detail" menu item displays a secondary
grid with the rows that belong to the selected
main grid row.
3) BIGrid, changed the "ShowItems" property from a Boolean
to an enumerated type with "Automatic", "Yes" and "No" values.
4) In BIWeb server, unit BI.Web.Common.pas is now "agnostic"
and can be used with any HTTP server components.
5) BI Arrays Improved speed when calling he array
DataMap types "Find" method.
6) BI Arrays new generic TArrayReverse.
method inverts all elements of any array.
7) All TXXXArray types have now a new "Reverse" method
to invert themselves.
8) New SortedFind function in all TXXXArray types, uses
a binary search algorithm to quickly find elements when
the array is sorted.
9) New TBIFilter class enables design-time filtering
of queries and pivot-tables.
10) BIQuery huge refactoring of the TBIQuery class.
11) BIQuery the old "Items" property has been now split into
"Dimensions" and "Measures" to avoid redundancy
at Object Inspector properties.
12) BIQuery new Filter and Sort properties with a collection
of Items.
13) BIQuery most select queries and pivot-table summary examples.
14) Data Providers fixed and improved the BDE
(Borland Database Engine) data provider.
15) New HeaderCount in TBIExcel component and fixed bug when
16) Excel spreadsheets not detecting a header row automatically
17) Map-Reduce, new BI.MapReduce unit includes a generic
class with methods to perform the "Map-Reduce" algorithm
from TDataItem data.
18) New unit "BI.Data.Expressions" now contains a
big portion of code that was previously in BI.Data unit.
This reduces BI.Data code size and separates concepts.
19) Removed mandatory dependency on FireDAC units
(for XE6 and up) when using the Data Manager editor dialogs.
20) New BI.Data.Info unit now contains classes that were before
in BI.Data unit (TDataInfo and the new TDataItemsInfo).
21) New methods in TDataItems class: Reverse and SortByName
22) Fixed bug in *.hpp C++ autogenerated headers
(TDataItem overload "Item" indexed properties).
23) Improved parsing and generation of SQL scripts
from / to BI Queries.
24) New TDataCursorItem "Name" property to replace
the selected item names in queries (the "as ..." SQL clause).
25) New TStores "Count" function, returns the number
of registered TStore items.
26) New TBIRegistry class variables "UseRegistry" (boolean, default True)
and "IniFile" (string), enable using an *.ini file instead
of the machine Registry. This is necessary for BIWeb server
in ISAPI DLL mode.
27) TSummary "DateOptions.Part" property has been renamed
to simply "DatePart".
28) Improved performance at TSummaryTotals class,
and fixed working with date-time special
kinds of data (Month, Quarter and Weekday names).
29) FTP import class now uses the connection Timeout setting
specified in its TDataDefinition.
30) New Firemonkey editor dialog for TBIGrid control
31) BIComposer TGroupChart inner class now using TBIChart
control instead of a normal TChart.
32) New Component Icon images for IDE design-time
component palette.

Release Notes 25th May 2016
TeeBI for Delphi version 2016
Build Beta 12
Follow New Features

1) Fixed issue with XE10.1 Berlin compiler
("Conditional expression is always False") when compiling
the BIWeb server Firemonkey version.
2) Fixed issue with XE6 compiler
(internal error "Bad packaged unit format").
3) Fixed compiler errors when compiling TeeBI without
the "Pro" version of TeeChart control library.
4) New support in TControlImporter to import
data from controls with a "Text"
property like TEdit, TLabeledEdit etc.
5) New URL property in TDataDefinition component (Web mode)
to configure importing data from a BIWeb server at
design-time or runtime, using the same
URL as in a Web browser.
6) Added support for geographic (World map) automatic
charts in BIChart.
7) Improved design-time support for BIChart control.
8) Fixed and improved support to import data using the BDE,
in the same way it is done with FireDAC for other
database engines.
9) New TDataInfo.GetMinMax class procedure to obtain
the minimum and maximum value of all data in a TDataItem
that is numeric (integer, single, etc) or datetime.
10) New BI.Expression TDateTimeSpan enumeration type,
used by Dynamic Filter and in future Expression classes
involving calculating "span" of datetime values.
11) Fixed persistence issue when loading data with "map"
values in TeeBI binary format.
12) Fixed problem with Data Selector dialog at design-time,
it was showing all forms and components belonging
to the IDE instead of just the forms in the active project.
13) Improvements in Dynamic Filter editor dialog (VCL),
adding specific controls to filter numeric, text
and boolean data types.
14) New BI.Expression.Filter unit contains a preliminary
version of TFilterItem class,
15) Add Multiple filter objects can then be used together.

Release Notes 20th May 2016
TeeBI for Delphi version 2016
Build Beta 11
Follow New Features

1)Support RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin.
2) New "FireUI Live Preview" app in Berlin.
3) New basic demo.
4) Pivot-Tables: New BIQuery component to create select
ueries, summaries and pivot-tables at both design
and run-time. Editor dialog enables drag-drop
of data item fields and output preview.
5) BIChart improvements: BIChart logic.
6) Dynamic Filter, new class and editor
dialog to enable visual building of filter "expressions"
by checking / unchecking items on a tree view. Linked data tables
are automatically included in the tree, together with its
individual items.
7) New TDashboard Layout property to customize the arrangement
of dashboard panels inside a BIVisual control.
8) New TComponentImporter class and editor dialog
to "link" any BI control (BIGrid, BIChart etc)
and BI components (BIQuery, etc) with any supported
Component living on any accessible Form or DataModule.
9) The edit dialog shows the available supported components
and VCL/FMX controls, and selecting them creates
an internal TDataItem and imports the component
content into it automatically.
10) Importing data from components is done
transparent and at fast speed.
11) Data Selector, new dialog that includes both the already
existing data selector tree, and the new Component selector dialog.
12) New form has been added to the Import example project.
13) The TDataDefinition class (used by the "Data Manager" dialog) is now a
TComponent that can be used at design-time to define which data to import
in several modes and settings, without needing to persist
the import output to disk.
14) Important improvement in BI.Data.RTTI unit.
15) TTypeProvider class has been changed quite a lot to
better support different types of data like dynamic
arrays and TCollection objects.
16) New example TeeBI and ORM Example Project
17) BI Arrays Improved all the Array classes with a new Copy method that
can optionally copy a subset of the array based on an index parameter.
18) These methods are also internally used to fix the issue of creating a "Map"
of the array items considering only the non-null values.
19) New FromField class method to import just a single TField instead
of the whole TDataset.
20) New LoadFromFile method (SaveToFile already existed).
21) New Clear method to remove all data and destroy all sub-items.
22) New ClearData method to just remove all data without changing
the structure or sub-items.
23) All TExpression classes now include an Assign method.
24) BI Web Server Improved the automatic re-import
of data using an "scheduler" configuration.
25) Fixed bug at TBIExcel class, when importing Excel
spreadsheets with non-English US
decimal settings ("," <-> ".").
26) Fixed bug at TBIJsonExport class, content with forbidden
(non-valid json) characters are "escaped"
27) Adding or removing Data.Items now correctly change their
Parent property.
28) Fixed potential access violation when closing the
RAD Studio IDE in Seattle 10.0.
29) New TDataItems Insert method
30) New TDataCursor and TSummary UseFilter boolean property
(to use or not the Filter property).
31) New summary THistogram feature to distribute aggregations
by text fields (in groups: ABC..DEF..GHI...JKL etc).
32) BI.Summary.Totals unit: TSummaryTotals class is now a TComponent
that can be used in queries and any other BI control.
33) New TDataColorizer AlphaColorOf( double ), returns the color in palette
that corresponds to the double parameter.
34) New TDataKindConvert method to change a TDataItem from one Kind
to another, previously verifying no data will be lost.

Release Notes 1st April 2016
TeeBI for Delphi version 2016
Build Beta 10
Follow New Features

1) New units and a new TBIVisual component to
create visual dashboards.
2) BIWeb Server, several improvements and fixes in BIWeb server.
3) TBIHtmlExport class can now generate "colorized" HTML tables
from TDataItem data, using the new Colorizers property.
4) Improved conversion of JSON types.
5) New Hierarchical mode.
6) New TDataMerge class (at BI.Data.Merge unit)
creates and returns a TDataItem from a list of data
items that have the same structure.
Structure compatibility (data items Kind) is recursively
checked before doing the merge.
7) Improvements in both SQL parsing and SQL ToString generation
from queries and summaries.
8) New TDateExpression and TTimeExpression classes,
to return just the date or the time of the source
expression respectively.
9) Importing data from FTP server is now possible,
setting the FTP server and username properties in
the Data Manager dialog. Files are transferred
from the specified server folder and imported
into a TDataItem structure.
10) New support for Financial Charts (Candle Series)
for VCL, FMX and also HTML dashboards (using TeeChart.js HTML5).
11) Types TFMXCommon and TVCLCommon have been
renamed to TUICommon (same name for both).
12) New TTextArray IndexOf method overload with a
new CaseSensitive boolean parameter.
13) TDataItem Count property is now read-only.
Use Data.Resize (or protected cast) to change Count.
14) New TBIHTMLHelper Color method, returns a
TColor in HTML format (#bbggrr).
15) New TDataItems Exists function, equivalent shortcut to
Find( 'foo' ) <> nil.
16) New TDataItems IndexOf function, returns the data item
that has AName string parameter.
17) New TBISource FromDatas function, returns a single
TDataItem from an array of TDataItems.
18) New FromURL function in several file
import formats (CSV, JSON, XML etc).
19) Fixed TDataSelect queries returning rows
from sub-sub-tables (more than one depth level).
20) New TGroupBy IndexOf and Remove methods (for TSummary.By property).
21) New TDataViewer Embedd method for Firemonkey
(to insert a data viewer form inside another form).

Release Notes 29th February 2016
TeeBI for Delphi version 2016
Build Beta 9
Follow New Features

1) New demos Examples
2) New IDE Help compiled TeeBI API reference help file in CHM
format has been included.
3) TBIGrid new features in TBIGrid (VCL only for most of them)
to improve the display of TDataItem data objects. New local grid menu,
accessible by clicking the top-left most grid cell:
"Alternate", "Filters", Grouping,"RowNumbers",
"Search", "OnDataChange" event.
4) HTML Exporting new FloatFormat property to customize the
html output of float values (default is "0.##").
5) BI.Data.PDF, several improvements for better text positioning
and more accurate calculation of total PDF pages for large documents,
when displaying the "page N of M" annotations.
6) New MissingCount function in TMissingData class returns
the number of items that are Missing (null).
7) New Insert method at TDataItem adds a new empty
"row" at the specified Index position.
It also recursively inserts a new row in sub-tables
if they exist.
8) New Index property in TDataSearch class enables searching or
filtering values from a subset of the total data rows.
9) New RowNumbers boolean property (default is False), when True
the dataset adds a new colum with the effective Row numbers.
10) BIDataSet now supports the standard inserting, deleting and modificating
mechanism that can be used by code (BIDataSet.Insert, etc)
or by manually editing cells on a DBGrid or BIGrid control.
11) New "DecadeOfYear" enum to return the decade part of a TDateTime
(from 1 to 10).
12) TBIChart new Fill overload method to pass a TDataCursor object.
This enables creating a chart with only the subset of data rows
specified in the Cursor Index, and with the optional Cursor sorting.
13) New TDataMapAsData parameters to optionally return the map values sorted.

Release Notes 8th February 2016
TeeBI for Delphi version 2016
Build Beta 8
Follow New Features

1) New checkbox at TeeBIRecompile.exe installer
tool determines if TeeBI packages will be
recompiled using TeeChart (any version, Lite or Pro).
2) New class to perform data search on any TDataItem.
3) New TBIPDFExport class generates a PDF file
or stream from a TDataItem.
4) BIWeb server data can be returned in PDF format
using ".pdf".
5) BI.Arrays Speed optimizations
and a new overload Copy method in all array classes.
6) New optional parameter "Count" at Delete method
to delete multiples rows.
7) Support for FireDAC "ADS" (Advantadge Database Server) driver.
8) TBIDB.ImportFile now supports Microsoft Access (*.mdb and *.accdb)
database files.
9) New TBIDataset PrepareIndex method, enables setting
the array of row indices that BIDataset uses to filter records.
10) New support for "offset" SQL clause, to specify the first
row to return after the query is finished.
Default "offset" is zero.
11) More combinations of queries supported
(queries from summaries with TDataItem complex structures).
12) Big speed optimization, data items are directly copied (cloned)
when possible, instead of looping all rows.
13) New TBIXML ExcludeNodes property.
14) Fixed bug when importing nested master-detail xml tags (sub-tags)
15) New tab at Data Manager dialog enabled specifying the number of rows
of an Excel spreadsheet that will be used as the "header" of
the imported columns.
16) New TDateTimeExpression Date and Time properties, return only
the current date or current time, and not both.
17) New TStores.Exist function, returns True if a given store is registered.
18) New TBIREngine Version property returns the "R Language" engine version.
19) Several fixes in BI.Data.CSV import class
20) Fixed saving a multi-line SQL string in the Data Manager dialog
21) Fixed in the TBISQL parser
22) Fix for TSummary queries that involve
datetime expressions using "Decade"
23) Fix when renaming a data item at the Data Manager dialog,
renames its associated folder if it exists
24) Several fixes for FreePascal / Lazarus

Release Notes 27th January 2016
TeeBI for Delphi version 2016
Build Beta 7
Follow New Features

1) Native access to R Language (32bit and 64bit)
using opaR library.
2) The new BI.Plugins.R.opaR unit contains the code
that uses opaR library.
3) New VCL and FMX forms for "Console"
interactive R calls.
4) These forms interact with R to call any R
method or obtain R variables.
5) New TSummaryTotals class to calculate summary
subtotals and grand-totals.
6) New class function TSummaryItem.GuessType
7) New TBISQL class function to convert a summary or
query from / to SQL language.
8) New BI.Data.RTTI unit contains a generic class to import
any Record or TObject instance (or a TList of Array etc)
into a TDataItem.
9) New "IsNull" embedded function to use it in filters
to skip or not "missing" null data.
10) New class TDataProvider enables automatic nested
TDataItem data loading.
11) Fixes and improvements to support TeeBI with
Lazarus and FreePascal.
12) New BI.Data.SqlDB unit plugs with Lazarus SqlDB engine and
all of its supported database formats.
13) New in BI.Arrays unit
14) New helper method "Append" for all TxxxArray classes
to append another array into it.
15) The TDataCompare class has been improved alot.
16) Improvements in CSV data import.
17) New features in TBICSV class enable importing huge
amounts of data at fast speed (1 billion cells in 120 seconds).
18) Fixes for XE4 Firemonkey forms
19) BIWeb server project support for XE4, using SQLExpress
instead of FireDAC.
20) New IndexOf method
21) In TSortItem new Active (boolean) property.
22) New BI.Data.Xml.OXml unit to support importing Xml data with Oxml.
23) New OnProgress event in base TBISource class.
24) Executables TeeBIRecompile and BIWeb now codesigned using
SHA256 secure hash.

Release Notes 22th December 2015
TeeBI for Delphi version 2015
Build Beta 6
Follow New Features

1) New TBIVisualizer control (VCL and FMX), first beta.
2) New TBIVisualizer editor dialog.
3) TBICSV, now import 1 billion cells using the 64bit compiler.
4) MariaDB database now supported (using the MySQL driver).
5) Support for customizing database server port in Data Manager.
6) Support for Excel exporting of sub-sub-dataitem tables.
7) Binding a TBIDataset to a TBIGrid is now much faster.
8) Added "R Datasets" in binary format to "Sample Data" folder.
9) Support for Geographical (World maps) charts.
10) Initial support for sub-folders in TStore folders.
11) Updated documentation and examples with new features.
12) Bug fixing and speed optimizations in base TDataItem class.

Release Notes 27th November 2015
TeeBI for Delphi version 2015
Build Beta 5
Follow New Features

1) Encryption mechanism using TurboPack LockBox (optional).
2) Summary "Having" filter property (same as SQL).
3) Microsoft Excel exporting using TMS Flexcel (optional).
4) Support for remote TDataSelect queries in BIWeb http server.
5) Multiple expressions are now allowed for SortBy data ordering.
6) TBIGrid Colorize properties to fill cell backgrounds based on values.
7) Helper method to convert select and summary queries to SQL language.
8) Delphi unit generator emits Pascal code from any TDataItem or database.
9) FreePascal v3.0 initial support for TeeBI core units.
10) Design-time IDE top menu "TeeBI" to access the "Data Manager", etc.
11) Updated documentation and examples with new features.
12) Bug fixing and speed optimizations, specially for big Summary queries.

Release Notes 20th November 2015
TeeBI for Delphi version 2015
Build Beta 4
Follow New Features

1) New TDataSelect class, implements a big part of SQL
language in native Delphi code.
2) Cumulative and/or percentage calculations in summaries.
3) MicroOLAP DAC MySQL import support.
4) Links between data in different storage
locations or www servers.
5) Extra data Links can be created at import time
using TDataDefinition.SetMasters method.
6) Enabled Sorting data reordering the source rows.
7) Updated Starting Guide doc with new content in beta4.
8) Starting Guide doc in Spanish: "Guía de Introducción".
9) Convert from queries and summaries to SQL language.
10) Percent format for BIDataset numeric columns.
11) Optional "raw" persistence mode (BI.Streams.pas).
12) Fixes and speed optimizations.

Release Notes 6th November 2015
TeeBI for Delphi version 2015
Build Beta 3
Follow New Features

1) Initial support for "R" language and
Python Scikit-learn machine-learning algorithms.
Several algorithms included.
2) "Starting Guide" document has been updated.
3) Many fixes and small improvements.
4) Design-time debug visualizer for TDataItem objects.
5) More demos included.
6) TeeBIRecompile automatic recompilation tool improved.

Release Notes 8th October 2015
TeeBI for Delphi version 2015
Build Beta 1-2
Follow New Features

1) TeeBI for Delphi initial Betas.


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