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Release Notes 4th Aug 2021
Build 3.2021.0804



Release Notes 12th Sep 2019
Build 3.2019.0912


1) [B2224] New alignment option for vertical-axis labels
2) [B2222] Shape Series' Shape disappears when moved out of the bounding axes
3) [B2144] title of vertical axis misplaced
4) [B2179] Marks and MarksTip showing strange character when using MarksStyle.LEGEND
5) [B2141] Transparent Legend uses wrong pen in symbols
6) [B2114] Null points sometimes drawn in FastLine with TreatNulls=tnDontPaint
7) [B2008] Null points sometimes drawn when FastLine series has DrawAllPoints=false

Release Notes 05th Mar 2018
Build 3.2018.0305

1) [B1086]
Issue with beveling on Chart Panel
2) [B1999]
NearestPoint tool considers Null points as valid points
3) [B2003]
Null points sometimes still being drawn

New Features
1) [B422] [TJ71016489]
Some demos with movement for both STW, Swing and Android
2) [B435] [TJ71016111]
Add some events in Android equivalent to MouseMove, OnMouseDown and OnMouseUp

Release Notes 22th Jun 2017
Build 3.2017.0622

1) [B1555]
MouseWheel event isn't fired in Swing
2) [B1695]
ScrollPager tool zoom only in the parent chart
3) [B1856]
NullPointerException drawing an IsoSurface depending on the values
4) [B1603]
ColorGrid series problems

New Features
1) [B1165]
Rotated property for the Marks on a Pie
2) [B1779]
Add InsideSlice, Rotated and RotateStyle properties to Pie Marks
3) [B1882]
Align the Pie and Donut better the center of the ChartRect
4) [B1883]
Concentric Pies
5) [B432] [TJ71016221]
Align the gauges better in the center

Release Notes 19th Apr 2016
Build 3.2016.0419

1) [B999]
NPE when trying clone series. Fixed.
2) [B1040]
Some standardisation added to Swing Editors for Line, Point,
Area and Bar Series.
3) [B1107]
Dashed lines show as solid in Android. Fixed.
4) [B1175]
Changed event for the Calendar series. Fixed.
5) [B1178]
FontSeriesColor for the SeriesMarks. Fixed.
6) [B1168]
RoundRectangle BarStyle. Fixed.
7) [B1166]
Pen Color on a Pie with ColorEach. Fixed.
8) [B1105]
The footer title automatic position isn't correct. Fixed.
9) [B1294]
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in Pie chart. Fixed.
10) [B1389]
must be public. Fixed.
11) [B1429]
CandleStyle.CANDLEBAR with hidden Open and Close
pens doesn't show value when High=Low. Fixed.
12) [B953]
Issue with sample charts. Fixed.
13) [B1263]
Android: Zoom Bug on Android 5.1.0. Fixed.
14) [B1421]
Paint lockup with axis autoscaling with less than 2
unique Y values. Fixed.
15) [B1426]
Bottom Axis labels area is scaled with chart size and
labels can get clipped. Fixed.
16) [B1422]
Calling clicked method for CustomPolar class always
returns zero. Fixed.
17) [B774]
Center Position of Annotation Tool. Fixed.
18) [B445+B434] [TJ71014185]+[TJ71016135]
XML serialisation fixes.
19) [B1441]
3D in Histogramview does not work. Fixed.
20) [B1000]
GUI issues in ChartEditor frame. Fixed.
21) [B443] [TJ71015145]
SWT Memory leak issues. Fixed.
22) [B439] [TJ71015949]
Cached rectangles incorrect init. Fixed.
23) [B1339]
Almost no field is copied when cloning descendants
of Series. Fixed.
24) [B1177]
Smoothed property duplicates the series in the editor.
25) [B444] [TJ71014573]
Pie lighting effect gradients. Fixed.
26) [No bug id]
Partial delete of Series points via Series.delete was
not reaching all Valuelists in a multilist Series. Now Fixed.
27) [B1027]
Android: Crash when exporting a SeriesBand Tool. Fixed.

New Features
1) [B1140]
New FollowSeriesColor property for the Marks.
2) [B1168]
New ROUNDRECTANGLE BarStyle for the Bar series.
3) [B1191]
New ROUNDRECTANGLE TextShapeStyle for the Marks.
4) [No ID]
BubbleCloud Series.
The BubbleCloud Series plots data relatively,
displaying bubbles of diminishing size, spiralling
outwards to represent different Series values.

Release Notes 8th Jan 2015
Build 3.2015.0108

1) [B1027]
Crash when exporting a SeriesBand Tool in Android.
2) [B1022]
NullPointerException when setting an image as a
series pattern. Fixed.
3) [B436]
Surface doesn't respond to the different palettes.
4) [B997]
Right-click to move chart changes sizing
of Bar Series' Bars. Fixed.
5) [B999]
NPE when trying clone series. Fixed.
Fix resolves issues related to Image
serialisation that may have provoked
symptoms in other areas.
6) [B1040]
Some changes made to some Series Editors
to bring similarities in appearance

Release Notes 27th Nov 2014
Build 3.2014.1127

1) [B782]
Left Axis Title is drawn out of the window when
MaximumOffset is used. Fixed.
2) [792]
Tools Gallery produces a NullPointerException when
adding a new Tool. Fixed.
3) [855]
Android Chart Bar Series Mark not clipped. Fixed.
4) [894]
ChartMouseListener events don't work with
ZoomStyle.INCHART_MULTI. Fixed.
5) [925]
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when unzooming a chart
with a CustomAxis created after zooming. Fixed.
6) [943]
Setting an image to the Back Wall makes the image to
appear also in the panel background. Fixed.
7) [No ID]
Improvements for mousedrag panning on Logarithmic
8) [B882]
Down arrow button in the editor doing nothing. Fixed.
9) [B952]
Delete, Title, Clone and Change buttons are active on
the editor opening even if no series are present. Fixed.
10) [B962]
Pie serie cloning doesn't copy come properties like
Circled, 3D or Rotation. Fixed.
11) [B884]
Axis Labels did not correctly position when rotated on
chart. Fixed.
12) [B879]
NullPointerException when you change series type through
the editor and select the series in the tree. Fixed.

New Features
1) [No ID]
New Flat Theme.
2) [B812]
Append a chart into an existing svg file.

Release Notes 19th May 2014
Build 3.2014.0519

1) [B762] crashes with
"org.eclipse.swt.SWTException: Graphic is
disposed". Fixed.
2) [B565]
Null bars are still drawn. Fixed.
3) [B429]
Having two bar series, each one with one value,
the second one isn't drawn. Fixed.
4) [B430]
Having a Bar series with a unique value, the mark
isn't drawn. Fixed.
5) [B704]
Series.changeType changes series order in series

New Features
1) [B418] - [TJ71016699]
SeriesRegion tool for Swing, SWT, Android and

2) [No Bug ID]
Android version, new Multitouch zoom/scroll
functionality. Use:

Release Notes 19th Dec 2013
Build 3.2013.1219

This version has been built with Java JDK 1.6. If
you have a special requirement to use JDK 1.5
please contact us.

1) [No Bug ID]
A significant improvement to TeeChart Java SWT
version's cleanup of GDI resources.
2) [B13]
UnZoom event not working. Fixed.
3) [B62]
CustomSeries (derivable) assign failed when
setting brushes. Fixed.
4) [B113]
FastLineSeries failed on array add. Fixed.
5) [B416] - [TJ71016752]
Adding a null point in a Bar series produces an
IndexOutOfBoundsException. Fixed.
6) [B417] - [TJ71016731]
Some Axis label increments did noty calculate
properly when the view characteristic of the
first and last labels differed from most of the
rest. Now fixed.
7) [No Bug ID]
Binary serialization limitation in previous
releases - Serialization in previous builds had
the limitation of not being readable by
applications built in different machines under
Eclipse due to the auto-generation of
serialization keys. We have chosen to apply
fixed serialization ids to control this
characteristic. Binary serialization files
built with this release and later releases will
be compatible. Older serialialization files may
remain unreadable. We can help customers with
any specific requests for the porting of old
8) [Bug 419] - [TJ71016662]
Numeric Gauge in CircularGauge not custom
positonable. Not reproducable in this version.
9) [Bug 421] - [TJ71016499]
Legend colours not correct when displayed as
single line symbols.
10) [Bug 423] - [TJ71016478]
The RelativeGradient doesn't seem to work for
Bar Series. Fixed.
11) [B425]
Having a Bar series, if you set the gradient
StartColor and EndColor, the StartColor is
correctly used, but the series' Color is used
instead of the EndColor. Fixed.
12) [No Bug ID]
Opening Custom derived Series in Swing Editor
could cause Editor crash. Error now recovers
from/ignores unknown Series type.
13) [No Bug ID]
Demo project 'view code' option not working
correctly. Fixed.
14) [B424] - [TJ71016466]
Clicked function produces a StackOverflow when
moving from a segment to a pointer in a Line
series. Fixed.
15) [B427] - [TJ71016413]
Animation repaint was not working correctly
under SWT. Fixed.
16) [B428] - [TJ71016386]
Cumulative Function didn't sum correctly for
period delimited ranges. Fixed.

New Features
1) Swing version double-buffering applied for large
performance improvement.

Known issues
1) [B490]
XML Serialization not functioning correctly.

Release Notes 17th May 2013
Build 3.2013.0517

1) [TJ71016414]
FullChart ZoomStyle not working. Fixed.
2 [TJ71016465]
Hiding the Hand in a CircularGauge causes an
IllegalArgumentException. Fixed.
3) [TJ71016383]
Null points still drawn when FastLine series uses
DrawAllPointsStyle.MinMax. Fixed.
4) [TJ71016460]
NullPointerException when calling getFaceBrush()
from a CircularGauge without a parent chart. Fixed.
5) [TJ71016461]
Left axis restores wrong Ticks&MinorTicks pen and
Labels font when CircularGauge is disposed. Fixed.
6) [TJ71016486]
The removeAllSeries function doesn't clean the Series
assigned to the legend, if any. Fixed.
7) [TJ71016526]
The legend checkboxes don't have a background. Fixed.
8) [TJ71016528]
SeriesTitle, PointIndex and PercentRelative MarksStyles
show empty Marks. Fixed.
9) [TJ71016479]
The Font Shadows drawn in the same color than the Font.

Release Notes 20th Nov 2012
Build 3.2012.1120

1) [No Bug ID]
Stream Image Export was not active in last updates.
2) [TJ71016383]
Null points still drawn when FastLine series uses
DrawAllPointsStyle.MinMax. Fixed.
3) [No Bug ID]
Android Sourcecode version included an invalid code
import in the tool unit. Now fixed.

New Features
1) Clicked function for ErrorPoint and ErrorPoint3D

Release Notes 08 August 2012
Build 3.2012.0808

1) [TJ71016208]
Pie's Clicked function returned 0 when the mouse
was over the series instead of returning the
slice ValueIndex. Fixed.
2) [TJ71016219]
Gauges and Smith series draw an strange arc. Fixed.
3) [No Bug ID]
TeeChart was failing to render new images correctly when
called out of the context of having a pre-rendered
Chart. Fixed.
4) [TJ71016220]
Changing Gauges's axis increment has no effect, it is
forced to 10. Fixed.

New Features
1) [TJ71016038]
Axis Labels strings are now customizable for the
CircularGauge with the AxisLabelResolver.
2) [TJ71016194]
Click event of CircularGauge and LinearGauge.
3) [TJ71016201]
First and MinMax DrawAllPointsStyle added for FastLine
series when DrawAllPoints=false.
4) [TJ71016207]
setDisplayTotalAngle and setDisplayRotationAngle to allow
drawing semicircular CircularGauge.
5) [TJ71016216]
Various enhancements in the Gauges' TRIANGLE HandStyle.
6) [TJ71016284]
New ToolListener with a toolActiveChanged event called
in the setActive method.

Release Notes Pre-release build 14th March 2012
Build 3.2012.0314

1) Clipping issue resolved, prevents out-of-bound
rendering of Chart content.

Release Notes 2nd February 2012
Build 3.2012.0202

1) [TJ71015968]
CursorTool, DragPoint and ColorLine tools Cursor style is
an arrow when dragging in SWT. Fixed.
2) [TJ71015973]
MarksLocation.Center doesn't draw the marks in the correct
position when the bars are stacked. Fixed.

New Features
1) [TJ71015971]
New ScrollPager tool.
2) [TJ71016007]
New Reset function for LinearGauges.

Release Notes 11th November 2011

1) [TJ71015679]
Add with color doesn't set the colors correctly when the
XValues you add are unsorted. Fixed.
2) [TJ71015687]
Extra front side drawing the whole circumference with the
last slice brush, in a 3D pie with transparency. Fixed.
3) [TJ71015695]
Some wrong polygons are drawn in a pie or donut with
transparency & lighning. Fixed.

New Features
1) [TJ71015677]
OnTop property for SeriesMarks.
2) [TJ71015686]
Pie pen in the same color of the slice.
3) [TJ71015790]
Mouse Position and Button given in ChartMouseEvent.
4) [TJ71015828]
New UniqueCustomRadius property to control if
SetOtherCustomRadius is called when changing CustomXRadius
or CustomYRadius in Circular series (Pie and Donut)

Release Notes 9th June 2011

1st public release

This is the first public version release of TeeChart Java
for Android.

Changes/ modifications made since last Beta release

- FullChart Zoom/Scroll mode added.
- Tutorial documentation inclusions.
- Support for multi-touch mode, Now restricting use of this
library to Android v2.1 and later. We would be happy to
hear any feedback on requirements in this respect
particulary if it is felt that a large number of pre v2.1
Android devices are still in use where this library might
be required for use.

Other small changes have been made and are ongoing.

Release Notes 5th May 2011

BETA Release 2.

Changes/ modifications

- Modification to default Chart clip to better suit mobile
- Some improvement to Legend sizing. New property added
to permit wider use of screen for horizontal legends.
- New LegendSymbol LineWidth property to offer 2D Legend
line widths control independently of Series LineWidth.
- Improvements made to CircularGauge Series with Numeric
or LinearGauge.

- The BETA includes a new format demo application with
source code.

Other small changes have been made and are ongoing.

Release Notes 21st March 2011

This is the first release of the TeeChart for Android BETA.

This BETA version expires on 31st July 2011. Please remove
it from your machines on that date if you haven't already
done so.

Observations and significant changes will be posted to this
file between updates.

Please send feedback to: