IoT Data Visualisation Framework

Visamic Service (BETA)

The Visamic Data Visualisation Framework provides an environment to which to collect and view data from various different IoT data sources with the goal of improving understanding via data-analysis, control via actions and value-add via extraction of enhanced data results via trending, analysis and machine-learning techniques.

Added Value

A data acquisition, data visualisation and data analysis

Product Performance

Easily configurable visualisation for sensor data


We have been providing data visualisation solutions for more than 25 years

Plug-in your sensors

Connect instantly to MQTT, REST, LoRaWAN and other[*] sensorial data sources.

All terrain

Visamic is equally at home with building, agricultural and industrial data.


Use Visamic to prepare downsampled groups of data via applied statistical functions.

Web Service - sensor data management platform

The Visamic Platform Web Service is a publicly visible service running in pre-release, currently test mode, whose goal is the provision of connectivity, for monitoring and analytical purposes, of MQTT connected devices.

Visamic Service (BETA)

Getting started guide
REST-API Reference

sensor data visualisation and analysis Sensor data visualisation in Visamic dashboard

Powerful and customisable Visualisation

Data Acquisition

Steema Visamic helps make sense out of sensor data. Collect, transform and transmit real-time data from any device, sensor or archive. Combining live data with historical data from other sources can improve the capacity to learn and predict.

Analyses Data

Steema Visamic transforms data into meaning visualisations, for exploration and analysis. Perform real-time analytics at the edge of your network. Visualise and discover relationships, patterns and trends for an immediate response. Execute a more in-depth analysis and identify anomalies using the historical data with advanced analytics and machine learning. Set Visamic to act when events and data thresholds are reached.

Prepare and Share

Easily share created reports and dashboards to explore data, investigate trends, monitor processes and plan for the future. Bring regular and incident reports to desktops, web and mobile devices.

AI in Industry 4.0

In a smart factory as many systems as possible are inter-related. The production-process machinery, heating systems, lighting and other peripheral components communicate with each other to bring to an optimum the use of resources, whether that be electricity, water, gas or some other fuel or process product. In recent times machine learning has played an increasing role in maintenance and support services to help bring together optimisations and identify weak points and component life-cycle.

Visamic Architecture

Sensor Data Visualisation and Analysis Platform Visamic Data Analysis designer Visamic on the web Visamic Form component
Steema's Visamic lets you configure and select sensors and bring them to a dashboard view. You can use this to provide a regular real-time status window on your process, building[s] or other sensored environment, generating triggers according to your needs and generating spin-off data for later processing. Visamic can also be extremely useful if you require to problem solve in a particular area of your organisation, on the fly. You can use it to quickly setup a new sensor-viewer relationship to zoom-in on an area where you feel something is not quite right or requires closer attention.

New and improved features

(Current build: 2019., Other Version history)

Multiple direct input types, including MQTT sensors, LoRaWAN devices, REST and database. OPC UA and other connection protocols supported via gateway.
Designer desktop to connect to IoT connectors (things) and build dashboards, reports and configure re-usable data.
Multiple visualisation platforms, desktop, web and mobile.
Scheduler to create and distribute timely reports or to create reports on data-actions.
Data anywhere. Visamic is an IoT platform, it integrates your data inputs from any location and can offer or combine to external cloud services.
Acts on data events actioning configurable response and alarms.
Visamic includes trend analysis functionality but holds the door open for machine-learning processes that require several variables and historic data as input & output to create predictions.
Developer API for Visual Studio NET, to permit the embedding of dashboards in applications.
Data extraction and transformation. Visamic cleans, filters and processes data according to designer criteria, offering a qualifies output to business intelligence systems in the form of data tables.

visamic news

Previous visamic news

Visamic MQTT IoT Dashboard Service

The Visamic IoT Dashboard Web Service enables users to monitor and interact with connected things and sensors through charts and other data visualisations in real-time, for exploration and analysis.
Based on the industry standard MQTT protocol, it's available for you to set up a no-cost user account to try it out either with your own MQTT connected devices data or to view the prepared demos.
Visit the Visamic page to learn more.

Visamc IoT Dashboard Web Service

May 24, 2022

Announcing the new Visamic MQTT IoT Dashboard Service

We're pleased to announce the availability of the Visamic IoT Dashboard service, based on the MQTT protocol. The service is in BETA mode and still subject to change but it is available for you to set up a no-cost user account to try it out either with your own MQTT sensor data or to view the prepared demos.

If you'd like to quickly view an existing demo, when you enter, click on the user icon on the right of the screen () and select "demos".

August 20, 2021

Volume discounts

We offer discounts when purchasing more than one license. Discounts are as follows:

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The volume discount will be automatically calculated if you are making your order online. You just need to enter the quantity of licenses you want to order. For special requirements, please contact us at

Perpetual Licenses and Subscriptions

Steema Licenses are perpetual and sold on a subscription basis. The subscription period is initially for 12 months, renewable annually and includes access to updates and support forums. Please see the Subscription licensing page for complete details.
When the subscription period expires you can optionally renew your subscription for an additional year at the renewal price. We will notify you via e-mail at least 30 days prior to the expiry date.
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