TeeChart for PHP
Main features


Open source



Source Code included, no loaders are required to make it work
Inclusion of TeeChart for PHP in a commercial context
Support for all PHP IDEs
TeeChart for JavaScript (HTML5) minified version included with the product
Delphi for PHP integration
TeeChart allows creation of dynamic JavaScript (HTML5) chart via PHP code
No-charge standard technical support
Chart types
Standard Series styles (Line, Bar, Area, Pie, FastLine, Horiz.Area, Horiz.Bar, Horiz.Line)
Bubble, Arrow, Shape series styles
New Extended and Statistical Series styles (Donut, High-Low,..)
Mathematical functions
Mathematical, statistical and financial functions
Chart Tools
Chart presentations
2D, 3D orthogonal and True 3D with perspective
Base Chart control with headers, footers, 4 axes, legend, walls...
Chart Theme templates and Color Palettes
Custom unlimited multiple Axes
Anti-aliasing, gradients, transparency
Export formats
Export to SVG Canvas
Export to HTML5 Canvas
Exporting to picture (PNG, GIF, JPEG, WBMP, Flash/Flex), Data (text xml), and native template. Importing from template and XML.