TeeChart Std Business Charting Control offers instant chart and gauge capabilities to your NET applications.

Business & Presentation

All the key chart types for most business needs. See the Feature Matrix for Business, Pro & Enterprise Editions.

Easy to use

You'll see how easy it is to code TeeChart via the very intuitive programming model.


For Winform, NET5.0, NET6.0, WASM, UWP, WPF & NetStandard for Net Core 2,3. WebForm with HTML5 /Javascript render.

Charting pedigree since 1995

There are more than 22 years of charting development invested in the TeeChart charting engine.

A quick glance

Flexible data visualisation

The TeeChart Chart Component for .NET handles your data, creating informative and attractive charts, seamlessly across a variety of platforms including: Windows Forms, NET5.0, NET6.0, WASM, UWP, WPF & NetStandard for Net Core 2 and native Net Core 3 applications. Web applications use TeeChart's Javascript engine at the browser.

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Winform, UWP, WPF Chart Controls Standard Series examples.

WPF Chart Series ratings This chart, using online data to populate a graphical view of well known series ratings is written in WPF.

Bring data from anywhere to your application

And take your application anywhere. See all TeeChart options in the Feature Matrix to see what version of TeeChart best fits your needs.

ASP.NET Core 3 & MVC charts as HTML5 Javascript

The ASP.NET Web Chart component may be placed on the WebForm panel for full in-place editing or be used within an MVC project with NET Core 3. Charts may be streamed directly to the browser without need of temporary files. You can render your web charts either as static or ajax enhanced images or take advantage of TeeChart's comprehensive, client-side HTML5 Javascript library to render fully interactive Charts for MVC & ASP.NET.

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TeeChart for .NET Standard Business Edition

Includes standard business chart types and gauges for desktop and web applications
Perpetual License. Includes one year subscription

TeeChart.NET Std Business Edition is downloadable to Visual Studio.NET as a Nuget package in evaluation format.
The evaluation version is a fully functional Standard Edition (see Feature Matrix), showing a watermark.
If you’d like to remove the watermark you can purchase a registered license from Steema Software.
Visit the Installation and License Activation Guide to see tutorials How-to' and more.

Volume discounts

We offer discounts when purchasing more than one license. Discounts are as follows:

  • 2 Licenses: 5% discount
  • 5 Licenses: 20% discount
  • 10 Licenses: 25% discount

The volume discount will be automatically calculated if you are making your order online. You just need to enter the quantity of licenses you want to order. For special requirements, please contact us at

Perpetual Licenses and Subscriptions

Steema Licenses are perpetual and sold on a subscription basis. The subscription period is initially for 12 months, renewable annually and includes access to updates and support forums. Please see the Subscription licensing page for complete details.
When the subscription period expires you can optionally renew your subscription for an additional year at the renewal price. We will notify you via e-mail at least 30 days prior to the expiry date.
If your subscription has lapsed over 30 days, the renewal price will not apply and the cost will be that of a license upgrade price.

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