"Specializes in Disk Space Utilities, EMR Data Extractions and Conversions"

About TimeAcct Information Systems
TimeAcct is a software development company based on the West coast of Canada. It specializes in Disk Space Utilities, Electronic Medical Record data access/conversion and database query analytics.
It was started in 1993 and has sold its products all over the world.

Process Control Chart Directory Sizing Chart resulting of the Disk Triage analysis.
Describe your Application
Disk Triage is the premier Disk Space Analysis tool. It allows you to query your disk space, gathering details on the contents and providing the results using a series of graphs, lists and reports. No other tool provides as much information about your disk space as Disk Triage does! It has a host of features, including comparing two sizing to show what has changed where, the ability to show trends in the changes of your disk space, specialized NTFS reporting, and the ability to search for files and take actions on them.
Imagine the ability to query your disk space in the following manner – “Find me all the MP3s in c:\temp, that are greater than 5MB, have a file name of less than 20 characters, have the ReadOnly attribute set (but not the Hidden Attribute), owned by John Doe, and is stored no more than 5 directories deep in the tree. Disk Triage can do all that and more…

Why did you choose TeeChart?
TimeAcct selected TeeChart because it was the premier tool for Delphi at the time. We have been using TeeChart since Delphi 1.x. In it we saw grids that were fast, easy to produce and provided editing tools for our end users. It was important that TeeChart did not require separate DLLs and special processing. We were able to easily integrate it directly into our application.
As well the support offered is excellent. The TeeChart team has from time to time provided patches to its customers before the same code is released in general availability to help them over come any issues.

Describe a specific project challenge your company overcame using TeeChart
We needed to be able to easily allow the user to switch between different chart styles (Pie, Bar and others). TeeChart allows that right out of the box. Some of our users are fans of Pie charts other prefer Bar Charts for the same data.
We needed a easy to use and easy to understand TreeMap – as our application is really a visual representation of a directory tree. There is no better use of a TreeMap then to show directory usage in a TreeMap. We had tried a few others but they tended to provide Too Much information that was visually overwhelming our users. TeeChart allowed us to modify the representation so that it provides a visually clear picture.

What benefits have you experienced from using TeeChart?
Great Support. Even though the company is in another continent, they provide timely support and usually provide answers within 24 hours.
Ability to use a wide variety of graphs (pie, bar, line, donut, etc) in various part of our application.
Quick development times, due to a standardized way of dealing with all graph types.

Process Control Chart Disk Triage analysis graph by File Extension. It allows you to switch the graph types.

George Bradley MacDonald
TimeAcct Information Systems