"Provides IT services and computer distribution since 1980"

About Syntax
Syntax GmbH is a system house, founded in 1980 in Oldenburg. Besides selling hardware it is specialised in IT-Services and selling its own software. The target group for the Software is mostly craft businesses.

Describe your Application
Planbar is a software that allows you to plan the future of your company in a concrete way. It helps you figure out how much profit you need to keep everything under control. The software for example calculates your cost rate you need to require from your client. If you want to perform changes in your company, planbar will prognosticate whether it´s a good decision or not. With this knowledge you´re able to do the right things.

Why did you choose TeeChart?
On the one hand, we chose TeeChart, because it´s well integrated in the IDE of RAD Studio. On the other hand, using it since 1999, it´s simple and easy to use and we get really good results in a small amount of time.

Describe a specific project challenge your company overcame using TeeChart
For our software planbar, created in 1997 and developed until , it is of particular importance, to represent a large amount of business data. Due to the fact that the data are complicated, we need to organize them in a good way. For the users of our software it is necessary that they are able to structure their data on a clear and overseeable interface.

Production control Chart Chart display generated by planbar software using teeChart.

Production control Chart Simulation chart generated by planbar software.
What benefits have you experienced from using TeeChart?
TeeChart is excellent for representing complex data in an easy and well-structured way. We can handle it so easily that we haven’t had the need to contact the support within nearly 20 years.

Andre Freese
Syntax GmbH IT-Services und Computervertrieb