"Serves a wide range of customers in the process industry"

About Sitech
Sitech is an industrial service provider for the chemical plants located on the Chemlot site, Geleen, The Netherlands.
RAS is a small research group within Sitech which executes measurements in chemical plants (using radionuclides) to perform trouble-shooting and debottlenecking of chemical processes.

Describe your Application
The application which we started using TeeChart AX with is used to control equipment to acquisition data. Once the measurements are completed, the data is evaluated and analyzed and calculations are performed to extract key parameters from it. The parameters are then graphically presented to the customer.

Why did you choose TeeChart?
A few years ago we decided to completely rewrite the program in question (which still used some components which ran under DOS). One key factor which was important to us was the ability to define multiple (x and y) axis within a plot. With this constraint in mind we evaluated several graphical components. At that time only TeeChart AX fitted the bill.

Process Control Chart A scan results generated by ScanGraphix tool

Process Control Chart Data diagnostics generated by ScanGraphix tool
Describe a specific project challenge your company overcame using TeeChart
If we couldn't find a suitable graphical component which satisfied our needs we opted to write this ourselves, realizing that this would be a huge effort for us. Luckily this wasn't necessary.

What benefits have you experienced from using TeeChart?
Once we started using Teechart AX it became clear that other software we wrote could also benefit from its advantages. Within a few years all in house written software was "converted" to TeeChart AX. As a side effect all software got the same look and feel.

Jack Konings
Radiation Protection Expert
Sitech Services, RAS