"Develops tools to improve your analysis in sport"

About Nacsport
Nacsport develops a range of video analysis software applied to sports aimed to improve performance through analysis of parameters (actions) taking place during a competition or sport event by applying video as a vehicle for data collection.

Describe Your Application
The Nacsport portfolio of products includes five different tools conceived for all levels and budgets, from amateur coaches to professional teams. Our performance analysis tools offer sport professionals the chance to evaluate behaviors, both their own or their competitors', by providing them with quality information to make better decisions at a later stage.

Why did you choose TeeChart?
For a company like ours it’s very important to use products that add quality to our product and also before choosing TeeChart we did check the company status, number of updates, customers, type of support, because all those are very important for us. Talking about TeeChart, for us is a very complete product with lots of options that fit perfectly in our needs, we still haven’t explored the full potential of the whole suite and options but we are sure that we will spend much more time using it and developing new features based on TeeChart.

Describe a specific project challenge your company overcame using TeeChart
Making something difficult an easy experience for an end user is something that all developers are looking for and that’s what we got by adding TeeChart to our development. Now we allow the end users to build their own Charts and Dashboards in a very easy way for them without learning scripting tools or any other complicated way to build simple and complex dashboards.

What benefits have you experienced from using TeeChart?
We added a new feature to our product called Dashboards and that was possible because we added TeeChart as a “core” in this feature. Since we have this feature our users are more willing to build dashboards because it was a big deal for them in the past.

Real Time Chart Sports Performance Tracking Analyzing korfball in Holland. It shows a dashboard in real time.

Alberto Rodríguez