"A pioneer in particle analysis since 1970"

About Microtrac
Microtrac is one of the pioneers and innovators in the field of material characterization. Over the past 40 years we’ve been providing a wide range of customers with particle characterization instruments and instrumentation.

Our innovative products provide particle characterization with precision and reliability. This includes repeatable particle size, particle shape, particle charge, and surface area analysis. These instruments provide insight to the complex product and process problems faced by research labs, quality control departments, manufacturing plants, mining & drilling operation, geological labs and many more.

Particle analysis instruments are used in virtually in every industry, from pharmaceutical to food processing, even extending to such unique applications such as analysis of interplanetary materials like moon rock.

Trivia: Microtrac’s S3500 tri-laser particle analyzer made a cameo appearance in a lab scene in the popular primetime TV show. Featuring forensic anthropology and forensic archaeology, focused on an FBI case file concerning the mystery behind human remains brought by FBI Special Agent.

Scatter Plot Chart Microtrac PartAn is a particle size and shape Analyzer.
Describe your Application
Microtrac’s particle characterization instruments are used by top industry professionals to conduct the following analysis:

- Particle Size Measurements
- Zeta Potential Analysis
- 3-D Image Analysis
- Molecular Weight
- Surface Analysis
- Dust Characterization

Why did you choose TeeChart?
Microtrac’s particle characterization software Flex and PartAn are used in a wide range of applications around the world. From research lab, to inspection & quality control, to online- process automation systems. Each application has different data visualization and charting needs. Using TeeCharts we were able to address the diverse need of all of these applications and our diverse customer base.

Describe a specific project challenge your company overcame using TeeChart
Our specific challenge was to provide flexible data visualization in our software applications Flex and PartAn. These applications are used by many industries such as Pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, food, paint & chemicals etc. and many more. In each use case, the user needed different data visualization and charting capability. The TeeChart product enables us to address this challenge efficiently.

What benefits have you experienced from using TeeChart?
We have been using TeeChart for many years. We choose TeeChart because of its comprehensive capabilities. The product has been relatively bug-free and reliable. Steema has been very responsive with their support. Also, there are a lot of examples available on the internet, as they have been around for many years.

Control Chart A screenshot of a Particle Size Distribution measured by the FLEX software.

Colin Pinto
Software Architect & Product Development