"Specialize in towing geophysical equipment across farmland and inland waterways"

About Groundwater Imaging
Groundwater Imaging conduct geological survey using electromagnetic equipment, as we prototype and test that equipment. It is towed back and forth across farms, to sense as deep as 100m into the earth. We have operated using Teechart products since 2002 when I started the venture as a PhD with some funding from Australian rice farmers. At this stage we market a geophysical survey service and use profits to develop technology with the hope that not only survey provision, but equipment and software commercialization will soon be possible.

Describe your Application
After going out and collecting spatial data across farms, we market a visual product to farmers and government groundwater managers that helps them understand their groundwater reserves.

Why did you choose TeeChart?
TeeChart provided a full 3D programming environment with both high level and low level programming facilities so that a tailored solution could readily be implemented.

Describe a specific project challenge your company overcame using TeeChart
Going beyond the conventional standard graph types, it was easy to add in code that created a 3D mapping product never envisioned by TeeChart. Further, the code worked in the most efficient manner possible.

Scientific Chart At first data is processed and visualized in TeeChart derived Delphi products. Individual data points are selectable for interactive editing.

Scientific Chart Once data is in good form, it is then output as KML into Google Earth for comparison with ground features.
What benefits have you experienced from using TeeChart?
Rapid flexible development of products that are impossible to efficiently develop using off the shelf graphing and mapping programs. Without TeeChart we may have never found a viable way to present our geophysics to farmers.

Dr David Allen
Groundwater Imaging Pty ltd