"Offers specialised scientific and data solutions to the geothermal industry"

About GSDS
Our business is geothermal: helping users plan, manage and develop geothermal resources by managing and interpreting the information from the steam and hot water wells drilled to generate electricity from volcanic heat in the earth.

Describe your Application
We sell three programs for geothermal resources:

- WellSim predicts the behaviour of wells.
- GeoData Manager stores and helps make sense of the huge number of measurements collected from the wells and from scientific surveys.
- SteamField Manager handles day-to-day operation of the wells and power plant.

All three applications present large amounts of data to a user, and for this we must show pictures - graphs - rather than lists of numbers.

Why did you choose TeeChart?
When we decided to convert our applications from DOS to Windows in 1997, TeeChart was the best charting tool available for Delphi, our preferred IDE platform. We wanted to fully embed the charting in the application, rather than interface via ASCII files as for the DOS application, and TeeChart offered this.
Geodata Chart Colour coding and selected symbol placement allows the user to clearly display large amounts of data without loss of detail.
GeoData Chart Geological cross-sections are available in GeoData Manager by simply selecting the well lithologies.
Describe a specific project challenge your company overcame using TeeChart
Our applications present a wide variety of graphs, and we regularly add new kinds of graphs. Yet the user must be able to customise each graph to suit their needs: what data is displayed, what the axes are, axis units, zoom level, line and point colour and style. TeeChart gives this flexibility to both the developers and the users.

What benefits have you experienced from using TeeChart?
- TeeChart is stable and has been well supported, with frequent upgrades and development of new chart types.
- TeeChart has built in options to export graphs in a variety of formats.
- Good online support from the TeeChart forum.

Errol Anderson
Geothermal Resource Analyst | Software Development