"Environmental Monitoring since 2000"

About GEOsens
GEOsens is a company specialized in Environmental Monitoring since 2000, long before the term "Internet of Things" was invented.
We do online monitoring and control systems "from the sensor to the internet". Targets are ground weather, climate, ground water and drinking water management, water and soil purification plants, alarm systems for geohazards as land slides, ground movements or floods, and agriculture.

Describe your Application
We collect and process data from a wide variety of sources: physical and chemical and mechanical, from a temperature sensor to a gas chromatograph, from the water level of a well to a complex water purification plant. In all cases we gather, process and visualize data in order to provide a solid base for decisions, often made by engineers.
We use TeeChart on several levels: On site in a SCADA-like application, for our internal data management as well as for our on-line internet presentations. TeeChart is our key element to accessing our Data.

Why did you choose TeeChart?
Back in 2000 TeeChart was the most advanced charting tool available.
From the beginning it had open and solid architecture. It is lightning fast, suitable for real-time display, and at the same time fully configurable and extensible. Since we work mostly with time series we benefit from its perfect implementation of datetime.
In more than 15 Years TeeChart always allowed us to realize our ideas.

Describe a specific project challenge your company overcame using TeeChart
We built a platform for viticulture (called vitimeteo) that provides plant protection advice. We simulate plant diseases based on weather data.
It is aimed at trained consultants as well as at farmers that are not very used to reading charts and diagrams. On the other hand the biologists demanded not to oversimplify.
Everybody was conscious that the visualization would be a key factor of success, allowing to translate information into decision.
We developed a set of diagrams that visualized the weather, development of plants, diseases and risk from the simple to the complex, to provide the level of information useful to each type of user.
Thanks to TeeChart we were able to quickly realize drafts, implement ideas and go through a collaborative process that satisfied everyone.
Nowadays the system is employed on 150.000Ha of grapes throughout Europe, our TeeCharts have tens of thousands views per day.

Scientific Chart Weather chart visualization by Vitimeteo.

Scientific Chart VitiMeteo Insects Chart illustration.
What benefits have you experienced from using TeeChart?
- TeeChart never left me alone. I always found a way to realize what I wanted.
- The internal architecture is clear, logical and open. It is fun to work with!
- It is very mature. No bugs, no hassles. I guess that is due to the good architecture.
- It is fast, regarding computation speed as well as development.
- It is Multi-Platform. Some time ago we started using TeeChart.js - love it.
- It is aesthetically beautiful.

Ronald Krause