"Providing innovating retirement readiness software to advisors since 1986"

About Retire Ready Solutions
We provide retirement readiness (education) tools to financial planners, broker-dealers and insurance companies.

Describe the TRAK tool
The Retirement Analysis Kit (TRAK) helps advisors educate individuals about retirement. It includes over 20 illustration tools, some quite complex, some simple.
Follow this link for an illustrative TRAK Analysis Report.

Why did you choose TeeChart?
Pictures provide visual education and charts can provide pictures of what retirement. Steema and TeeChart have a long history of providing quality charting tools, along with excellent support for their product. They have continually improved the features and quality of their offerings, allowing us to continue to keep our modern appearance and depth of features that our client’s expect.

Describe a specific project challenge your company overcame using TeeChart
We are constantly being asked for features by our customers, and often those features are related to how charts appear. For example, in our retirement chart showing a person’s potential shortfall, it was requested that the x-axis-labels for any year that a shortfall occurs should appear in red (same as the shortfall color in the chart). The implementation for such features like these are not easily to find, so we post a question in their user forums and almost always get a quick response to how to implement the requested feature.

Another example is the ability to use the charts interactively. In the attached image (Retire Solutions Chart.png) when a user is looking at a chart and wants to change the data based on the content of the chart (in this example, they are looking at their retirement age and can click on the chart to change the retirement age), TeeChart helped us understand how to implement this.

business Chart Chart resulting of the TRAK analysis to help illustrate a retirement plan values.
What benefits have you experienced from using TeeChart?
We have competitors that both charge, and some who provide tools for free—and if we are going to compete, we need to provide a user interface that looks professional. TeeChart helps us keep our application looking cutting edge and are interactive to work with—helping us stay ahead of our competition.

Edward Dressel
President and Owner
Retire Ready Solutions