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Class Tee.PointXY

Extends Tee.Line.
Draws series data as points at vertical and horizontal axes positions
Defined in: <..\..\src\teechart.js>.

Class Summary
Constructor Attributes Constructor Name and Description
Tee.PointXY(o, o2)
Fields borrowed from class Tee.Line:
Fields borrowed from class Tee.CustomSeries:
pointer, smooth, stacked
Fields borrowed from class Tee.Series:
chart, colorEach, cursor, data, format, horizAxis, legendText, marks, vertAxis, visible
Methods borrowed from class Tee.Line:
doDrawLine, draw
Methods borrowed from class Tee.CustomSeries:
calc, calcColorEach, clicked, drawPointers, getSize, horizMargins, initZ, maxYValue, vertMargins
Methods borrowed from class Tee.Series:
addRandom, associatedToAxis, bounds, calcStack, cellRect, count, dataText, doHover, doSort, drawMarks, getFill, getFillStyle, getRect, init, isNull, labelOrTitle, legendColor, legendCount, markPos, markText, maxXValue, minXValue, minYValue, mousedown, mousemove, mouseout, pointOrigin, recalcAxes, refresh, setChart, stackMaxValue, titleText, toPercent, valueOrLabel, valueText
Class Detail
Tee.PointXY(o, o2)

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