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Quick Reports V5/TQRChart not available

Posted: Tue Mar 16, 2010 8:16 pm
by 9228049

I have recently upgraded to QR502PD5GT/Delphi 2005 - from QR3 and the TQRChart component is not available on the QReport Palette. I have searched the steema website for a solution to upgrade my Delphi VCL but the only download I could find was TeeChart VCL v8 Standard, Pro Evaluation and TeeChart v2010 BETA versions which gave me the file TeeChart2010Delphi5.exe. I have installed this but still cannot get the TQRChart component to appear.

It also now produces a Trial splash screen on forms that have the TChart component on. I didn't really want all the new features that are available in the 2010 version, just a version that will give me the TQRChart component as standard so my application will work as before. The reason I upgraded from QR3 to QR5 was so the reports could export to PDF but now I my QR Reports will not print charts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



Re: Quick Reports V5/TQRChart not available

Posted: Wed Mar 17, 2010 9:27 am
by narcis
Hi Gazza,

You should find TQRChart packages at "C:\Program Files\Steema Software\TeeChart 2010 for Delphi 2005\Delphi9\QuickReport". You will have to compile and install them as described in the QuickReport article here.

I also attach TQRChart packages for Delphi 2005, QR 5 and TeeChart v8 Pro and TQRChart packages for Delphi 7, QR 5 and TeeChart v4 Std (TeeChart version shipped with Delphi until D2006). You will need to upgrade them to your environment as described in the article mentioned above.

If you need to reinstall TeeChart version shipped with Delphi you'll find packages where I explained here.

Hope this helps!