Zooming when scrolling custom axes

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Zooming when scrolling custom axes

Post by Petr » Wed Dec 18, 2013 12:04 pm

Hello, some tome ago i posted http://www.teechart.net/support/viewtop ... =4&t=14471 this topic, about zooming chart when AxisScroll is used and zooming direction set to horizontal. Now ia have quiet same looking problem but with vertical custom axes. When i'm trying to scroll axis(vertical) and move mouse up and down promptly on the axis, everythig works fine, but as soon as i become not so accurate, and the movemnt turns to be diagonal, it appears zooming. What should i do to avoid this?

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Re: Zooming when scrolling custom axes

Post by Christopher » Wed Dec 18, 2013 1:36 pm


As you can see in our public bug tracking system, the bug you reported in your last message has now been fixed.

I have run a test using similar code but with a vertical axis:

Code: Select all

    private void InitializeChart()
      tChart1.Aspect.View3D = false;
      Steema.TeeChart.Styles.Line line1 = new Line(tChart1.Chart);
      Steema.TeeChart.Tools.AxisScroll scroll = new AxisScroll(tChart1.Chart);
      scroll.Axis = tChart1.Axes.Left;
      tChart1.Zoom.Direction = ZoomDirections.Vertical;
this code now also works well in the code we have. This fix will be incorporated into the next maintenance release, due out at the beginning of next year.
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