help / ideas needed

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help / ideas needed

Post by kmanuele » Mon Sep 18, 2006 6:52 pm

We need some guidance or advice.

First, some background:

Ground-based civil engineering projects, like a highway, often use existing maps to build a larger map for the whole project. Thus the distances on the overall map can be discontinuous at the old map boundaries, and this is accommodated by "stationing equations" at the boundaries. For example, the transition point may say "10080 = 122065".

It is a fairly simple task to convert a map such as this into a purely distance-based plot, without the equations -- which is what we do.

But the pure distance plots have a poor correlation with actual drawings, and the client is asking for map distances also.

What we need to do is: plot our data using distance, but include a horizontal axis that represents the map distances --- including all the discontinuities. We need to be able to zoom and pan and have both the distance axis and "map" axis stay aligned correctly.

Our first thought was a second horizontal axis with defined labels, but will this zoom and pan properly, such that zoomed views show more detailed labels? Maybe we need to stack 'N' axes end-to-end?

Other ideas?

We have a number of custom axes on this graph, so we know how to handle these.

Thanks in advance


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Post by Narcís » Tue Sep 19, 2006 10:51 am

Hi Kevin,

Sorry but I don't understand what do you want to achieve. Could you please give us some more information and send us some images so that we can understand what you'd like to get?

You can post your files at news:// newsgroup.

Thanks in advance.
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