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Series ONCLICK and Chart1SeriesClick Events Not Functioning

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2020 8:18 pm
by 16488718
I am using TeeChart Pro V2020 32bit VCL and have found that the Series ONCLICK event and Chart1SeriesClick Event seem to be "disabled" on some (not all) series points AFTER an initial click on these same points is successful. Other points in the same series continue to respond to clicks, but the "disabled" points remain "dead". I do get the "hover" indication sometimes when I place the mouse over these "dead" points, but that's about it. I am having marks drawn as part of the ONCLICK event.
Resizing the chart seems to enable the on-click events again for these "disabled" points, but they will again be disabled after repeated clicks. I have used Series[i].CalcVisiblePoints := False to correct some similar problems, but that doesn't seem to be related to this.

Any help would be welcomed.

Re: Series ONCLICK and Chart1SeriesClick Events Not Functioning

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2020 8:23 pm
by 16488718
Answer to my own question, others may find this helpful.
Because enlarging the size of the chart seemed to alleviate the "dead points" problem, it suggested to me that the algorithm used to calculate space for the Mark was deciding there was not enough room and so cancelled the series click. Zooming closer to the series points in question created more space and so the On-click event was allowed. The approach that got me past this without zooming was to increase the Marks.ArrowLength property of the series from 16 pixels (default) to 40 (my marks are pretty big). I could also manually drag marks away from their underlying points after I display one or two on the chart and then this new arrowlength seemed to be applied automatically to subsequent marks, so the size-check routine seemed to recognize that there is plenty of room for the mark and ON CLICK is activated/allowed. A more expert/knowledgeable explanation is welcome, but this seems to work OK.


Re: Series ONCLICK and Chart1SeriesClick Events Not Functioning

Posted: Wed Sep 30, 2020 5:25 am
by yeray

I don't seem to remember experiencing an issue like that. If you can arrange a simple example project we can run as-is to reproduce the situation here I'll be glad to test it.
Thanks in advance.