Printing TRectangleTool in Windows 10 is misaligned

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Printing TRectangleTool in Windows 10 is misaligned

Post by Tom » Tue Jun 26, 2018 2:28 pm

I'm using TeeChart Pro 2018 in C++ Builder XE5.
On the chart a TRectangle tool is placed below the legend, which is aligned to the right of the chart. It's position is set as follows:

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RectangleToolDates->Left = Chart1->Legend->RectLegend.Left;
This works fine within the application, and within the print preview, but since the most recent Windows 10 update it appears misaligned when the chart is printed. I've tried printing to the Microsoft PDF writer and also to actual printers and the result is the same. See the attached screenshots and printed PDF to view the problem.

The print code is straightforward:

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TRect PrintMarginsRect;
PrintMarginsRect.Top = 5;
PrintMarginsRect.Left = 5;
PrintMarginsRect.Bottom = 5;
PrintMarginsRect.Right = 5;

	Chart1->PrintProportional = false;
	Chart1->PrintMargins = PrintMarginsRect;
	TeePreview(this, Chart1);
Can you think why this might be?


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Re: Printing TRectangleTool in Windows 10 is misaligned

Post by Yeray » Thu Jun 28, 2018 8:37 am

Hello Tom,

I've tried to reproduce the problem with a simple example project but it seems to work fine for me here running Windows 10, version 1803, Build 17134.112.
I've tested it with Delphi, in RAD XE and TeeChart v2018.24.
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Could you please check if the attached project works fine for you?
Note there are three options to print (two of them commented out):

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     TeePreview(Self, Chart1);
     //ChartPreview(Self, Chart1);
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