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Drawing on a zoomed tColorGridSeries

Posted: Wed May 16, 2012 12:57 pm
by 10545848
I am drawing on a tColorGridSeries using PolyLine routine. I as per your direction, I insert the data using the left and bottom axis and populate/show the top and right axis on the plot (see earlier post from me). The image and axis look fine when I zoom, pan or draw.

I call axis.CalcXPosValue and CalcYPosValue to determine location to draw and that works great when I have no zoom or pan. However, if I zoom in and make these calls, X and Y locations are in the same place instead of the zoomed location. When zoomed or panned, the axis is correct, but still draws in the un-zoomed location. Can you help?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Drawing on a zoomed tColorGridSeries

Posted: Fri May 18, 2012 8:05 am
by yeray

Maybe it's too early when you call the CalcXPosValue/CalcYPosValue and the internal values haven't still been updated.
Try forcing a chart repaint before calling these routines.
If you still have problems with it, please try to arrange a simple example project we can run as-is to reproduce the problem here.