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Ordering of Donut Series

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 5:28 pm
by 17785825
Hey, all. I'm trying to replace a chart from a different package written in Flash. It's essentially a partial donut chart that I will eventually overlay with a gauge needle. I'm currently working on the donut chart portion. My goal is to have an arc with three colors, green, yellow, and red, which, left-to-right, will represent 20%, 60%, 20% of the portions of that arc. I also want those percentages to be variable, so a static background image is undesirable.

Where I'm running into trouble, is that the series seems to be automatically sorted, such that my [20,60,20] is rendered as though it were [20,20,60]. Furthermore, the technique I'm using to turn the circle into an arc is to add an additional segment and explode it from the series. It works nicely from a visual perspective, but also is impacted by that automatic sorting. So, in actuality, it's sorting [20,60,20,50] as [20,20,50,60], moving the exploded piece into the 3rd position. If the ratios vary to, say [30,40,30,50], then it will sort it as [30,30,40,50], moving the exploded piece to the 4th position, requiring a different rotation.

Is there a way to prevent the automatic sorting of the series?

Here's the basic working part of the code.

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var Chart1;
function draw() {
  Chart1=new Tee.Chart("canvas");
  Chart1.addSeries(new Tee.Donut([20,60,20,50]));

Re: Ordering of Donut Series

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 8:27 pm
by 17785825
I was able to trace through the source code and find a solution.

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Series1=new Tee.Donut([20,60,20,50]);