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MultiBar.mbSide property problem with update

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 12:41 pm
by 15053009
Hye everbody,

Recently I updated my TeeChart OCX previous version to the last one And I have now a problem with some of my graphs in my program without changing any piece of code.

Here, the main part of the initialization code of my graph (I don't put all the code that are not necessary for the problem):

m_TChartValves.AddSeries( scHorizBar );
m_TChartValves.Series( 0 ).GetAsHorizBar().SetMultiBar( mbSide );
m_TChartValves.Series( 1 ).GetAsHorizBar().SetMultiBar( mbSide );
m_TChartValves.Series( 0 ).GetAsHorizBar().SetAutoBarSize( TRUE );
m_TChartValves.Series( 1 ).GetAsHorizBar().SetAutoBarSize( TRUE );
m_TChartValves.Series( 0 ).GetAsHorizBar().SetBarStyle( bsRectGradient );
m_TChartValves.Series( 1 ).GetAsHorizBar().SetBarStyle( bsRectGradient );

As you can see in the image attached, in version, the blue horizontal bar well overrides the orange bar (there are both on the same z-axis coordinate). But with the last update the orange bar overrides the blue one (as if the blue bar is drawn deeper on the z-axis).

How can I change that to retrieve my first graph version? Is there new properties or another that I can use ?

Thanks a lot four your help.


Re: MultiBar.mbSide property problem with update

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 2:01 pm
by yeray
Hi Fran├žois,

You are right. This was broken with v8.0.1.0, but it works fine with the actual v2012.0.0.7. So the options I see:
- Upgrade to the actual v2012.0.0.7
- Go back to v8.0.0.8.
- Try to find a workaround for the latest v8, v8.0.1.3. I can't think on anyone right now. Note the Bar series has been deeply modified in v2012.