TeeChart Pro v2019 (64bit)

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Shia (Excalibur)
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TeeChart Pro v2019 (64bit)

Post by Shia (Excalibur) » Sun Jan 12, 2020 3:34 pm

I am having a number of issues using TeeChart Pro v2019.0.4.25 and TeeChart201964.ocx

Here's the first one:-

I have a real time application monitoring avionics messages which has been converted from 32bit to 64bit (VS 2008 C++) Teechart5 to TeeChart Pro v2019.0.4.25

I am using the same code as used with the 32bit version

When calling

Code: Select all

m_tchart.ChangeSeriesType(series->m_iSeries, scBar);
or scPoint or scFastLine or scArea

I get the following pop up
errorTeeChart.png (53.33 KiB) Viewed 55 times
After pressing OK the graphs appear and run.

If I change the type of graph at runtime I get the same result

sometimes i get an error message before calling m_tchart.ChangeSeriesType
Augument out of range

on this line

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However, I already passed this line before calling m_tchart.ChangeSeriesType without any problem?

Please advise,



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