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by TestAlways
Wed Sep 26, 2007 12:10 am
Forum: VCL
Topic: Gradiants and Pie Series in 2d
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Gradiants and Pie Series in 2d

I have a chart where a user clicks on a stacked bar and it is transformed to a pie chart. The stacked bar is shown in gradient in 2d and 3d, and the pie looks similar in 3d but the gradient does not work in 2d. Can reproduce this pretty simply by changing a chart that has a pie series from 2d to 3d ...
by TestAlways
Mon Sep 24, 2007 5:59 pm
Forum: VCL
Topic: Transparent series and legend colors
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Transparent series and legend colors

When a series has it's Transparent value set, the color of the series may altered, but the color in the legend uses the non-transparent color. For example, see where the two green colors are the same color--but the shortfall has Transparency ...
by TestAlways
Wed Aug 29, 2007 9:25 pm
Forum: VCL
Topic: Replacing chart
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Replacing chart

I wrote a pretty simple single bar chart that I would like to replace with something a little fancier. ... rChart.jpg

I've looked through the demo, but don't see anything quite like this.

Any suggestions?

Edward Dressel