The internet of things (IoT) is the virtual interconnection of intelligent assets and devices to achieve improved user experience and/or usability[i]

Steema Software offers easily configurable visualisation for IoT

Industry 4.0

The technology has found its place in industrial processes creating a myriad of sensorial data sources

Building management

The analysis model helps manage buildings and urban planning

Diverse systems

Extract value and relationships from all your sensor sources

Having the means to evaluate data from different types of sensor, exploring new ways of relating the data to other information sources, could give valuable insight to the analyst and problem-solver. The means to add predictive models to the data could help to avoid process-stopping interruptions and to plan for the future.

Main Features

  • Data acquisition
  • Easily connects to your sensors and devices via industry standard formats
  • Analyses data
  • Applies indicators and functions
  • Database save/read for comparatives
  • Perform real-time and analytics at the edge of your network
  • Cloud input/output

  • Artificial intelligence in Industry 4.0

    In a smart factory as many systems as possible are inter-related. The production-process machinery, heating systems, lighting and other peripheral components communicate with each other to bring to an optimum the use of resources, whether that be electricity, water, gas or some other fuel or process product. In recent times machine learning has played an increasing role in maintenance and support services to help bring together optimisations and identify weak points and component life-cycle.

    IOT - Steema's DataInsight Analysis tool Visamic IoT Analysis designer Visamic on the web Visamic Form component

    Steema's Visamic lets you configure and select sensors and bring them to a dashboard view. You can use this to provide a regular real-time status window on your process, building[s] or other sensored environment, generating triggers according to your needs and generating spin-off data for later processing. Visamic can also be extremely useful if you require to problem solve in a particular area of your organisation, on the fly. You can use it to quickly setup a new sensor-viewer relationship to zoom-in on an area where you feel something is not quite right or requires closer attention.

    Steema has entered into partnership with Looker Inc. to power in-depth analysis of quality-sampled IoT sensorial data in relation to business measures, using Looker data analysis to extend the reach of the IoT system into the financial core of the business.