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Visamic Overview

The Visamic Web Service, based on the underlying Visamic framework, is a dashboarding service for, initially, MQTT devices only. Other data-input types will be supported going forward, currently first-up has been MQTT.

See the Visamic product page at for a closer look at where the framework is going.

Getting Started#

To get going simply create a username for yourself and start creating dashboards. We're currently limiting dashboards to a count of 3 whilst the system is in pre-release mode, but later there'll be plans for any kind of need and scale.

Follow this guide for a step-by-step startup-guide to get going.

Access information#

The Visamic service homepage is:

Visamic system components#

The heart of the Visamic service is the API-engine that receives sensor data, categorises it, interfaces with the metadata and serves the data to service subscribers.


Visamic API-engine#