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Thu Jun 8 2023 18:16:37 EDT
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12 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
2542 VCL TeeC Chart issuemanager RESO FIXE TChart+legend+MDIChild+highDPI 2022-09-15
2460 VCL TeeC Chart yeray RESO FIXE Chart does not render correctly when compiles with RAD Studio 11 works in RAD studio 10 2022-09-20
1380 FireMonk Chart issuemanager RESO FIXE Export to Metafile 2022-09-27
2517 VCL TeeC Series issuemanager RESO FIXE Radar Series not plotting scale correctly when set as logscale 2022-04-14
2538 VCL TeeC Editors issuemanager RESO FIXE DPI awareness causes erratic rendering 2022-09-02
2544 FireMonk Chart issuemanager RESO FIXE RS-112928: Changing margins on Android/iOS causes AV at the application start 2022-09-01
2545 FireMonk Chart issuemanager RESO FIXE RSP 36947: AV on Android 32 & 64 2022-09-01
2550 VCL TeeC Axis issuemanager RESO FIXE Axis items format is lost after a repaint 2022-09-14
2087 VCL TeeC Axis yeray RESO FIXE Loosing axis OnClick event after calling TeeCreateMetafile 2022-09-16
2494 VCL TeeC Series yeray RESO FIXE Stacked Bars with mixed negative and positive values give wrong Clicked results 2022-09-19
2546 VCL TeeC Chart yeray RESO FIXE Error in GDI when closing a form with a TFastLineSeries using another series as Datasource 2022-09-01
2549 VCL TeeC Export yeray RESO FIXE Export Series Animation to SVG 2022-09-08
12 bugs found.