TeeChart Pro version 6

Fixed defects

Defect     Applies to               Description
849 TPieSeries Sorting a pie series using the editor dialog, when having an "Other" slice, duplicated "Other" slice.
822 TRadarSeries Setting ClockWiseLabels:=True had no effect.
795 TPieSeries Changing OtherSlice.Text property at design-time in multiple charts failed.
793 TMarkTipsTool Moving the mouse over series after clearing the series sometimes raise an exception.
786 THistogramSeries Clicked method was not functional.
784 Chart tools editor Scrolling a tool (using arrow buttons) did not repainted listbox of tool icons.
781 TTrendFunction Invalid display when the series XValues Order is "none".
768 TAreaSeries Top part of area is not filled when having legend visible and hollow area brush.
767 Tee6New Demo (CBuilder only) Wrong registry setting for path of demo source files.
766 TColorGridSeries Missing display of last column and row. (See new Centered property).
764 TChartAxis Millisecond automatic label increment was not working.
763 TChartValueList Fixed range check error when deleting the last point in the array.
748 THorizBarSeries Wrong display of bars when axis is inverted and Bar size percent is 100.
745 TLineSeries Wrong display when first point is not visible and axis is logarithmic.
715 Legend Fixed clicking legend when CheckBoxes = True and used OnGetLegendRect event.
694 Paging Fixed changing Chart page when multiple series with different number of points exist.
679 TSeriesMarks Fixed drawing problem when using gradients and rotation angle.
662 TColorGridSeries Added support for displaying Marks.
650 Chart Cursor When scrolling a chart, the cursor is preserved to allow non default cursors.
649 Polar Series Fixed display bug when having multiple polar series, with only few showing Marks and resized.
498 Legend Fixed display bug when style is "LastValues" and a Series has ShowInLegend = False.